• Best investment there is

    Historically, there is no better long-term investment than the market.Given the current low interest rates, which are very likely to last a long time, it is foolish not to invest now in the stock market. Bonds won't pay off for a long time. If ever.

    No expert knowledge is required to make money; an index fund outperforms most "experts"' mutual funds.

  • Investing for a Future.

    Yes, I do invest in stocks. I am 20 years old and spent the last two years working full time. I took a large portion of the money I had saved up and invested it in the stock market. This has been very good for me, as in a little over a year I have earned 11% back on my money.

  • Get your money to Work for You

    Want to know the difference between the average working American and the top 1%? It is easy: the average American works for money, while the top 1% lets money work for them. They do that by investing. Don't get me wrong - most of the top 1% didn't earn the money they started with, but they do know how to make it grow.

  • I do not invest in stocks

    I do not invest in stocks at this time of my life. Every amount of money I get is spent and i do not have the funds or resources to invest. I also do not have any idea how where or when to invest in stocks. One day I might change.

  • I do not

    I don't really know enough about stocks to feel like I can invest properly in them. I think it can be a great idea for those that know how the stock market works, and can determine proper financial decisions. I am not equipped with enough money to invest in stocks either.

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