Do You Judge Political Candidates by Their Looks?

  • Its hard to not take appearance into account

    Its hard for people's opinions of other's looks to not weigh on how they view vote or judge someone. While its doubtable that most people consider a politician's looks consciously in their decision making or voting, its hard to really know the full extent of how appearances influence decisions overall.

  • Yes, we judge everyone by their looks to some degree

    Although I try not to judge people based on their looks, I accept that it is human nature to do so. When it comes to political candidates, I do not base a final decision on who to vote for on looks or anything that superficial, but of course it factors in. A candidate who is attractive and well groomed is more appealing that one who isn't, but someone who is over processed or groomed is also unappealing. I like a political candidate that looks is attractive but has flaws like everyone else.

  • We look at ideas when we vote for someone, we won't say : oh ! He looks, well, I will vote for him !

    In my opinion, the first criterion for a voter is the idea of the candidate, if his programm and his reform is good according to someone, they will vote for this candidate. There are other criterions are important like the charisma of the candidate and if you can trust him… However, even if the appearance come at last (for me), if a candidate is really weird, dirty and careless, this must penalize himself.
    No matter, nobody will vote for someone who his clean and has the opposite opinion of you…

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