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  • There is no chance!

    Have you seen any pictures of space? Ok, there are about 100 BILLION stars in OUR GALAXY ALONE! And, if that isn't mind boggling enough, there are MILLIONS OF GALAXIES!!!!!!! AND TO TOP THAT OFF!!!! There are more galaxy being discovered EVERY DAY!!!! Isn't Gods creation breathtaking? Astounding? He didn't need to make all this, but to show his indisputable glory, he did! How could anyone say that this universe was chance?

  • I do not believe that there are more trees than stars, but if it is true I did not know it.

    I did not know that there are more trees than stars, but I have a very hard time believing it. This is mainly because we have no way of knowing how many stars their are, as the universe is, as far as we know, infinite. It is possible however to know how many trees there are.

  • We can't even see all the stars

    The universe is bigger than we can imagine and we can't see all of it yet. So, there must be many stars that we still can't see. I doubt whether there are more tress on our planet than there are stars in the universe. There might be more trees than stars that we can see, but there are so many stars that we can't see, so we can't really say that there are more trees.

  • I fully disagree

    I do not believe, despite recent headlines, that there are more trees than stars. That statement itself is not proveable as the universe is infinite and it would be impossible to count how many trees there are on Earth. Stars are everywhere in an unfathomable amount of distance, trees are just here on Earth.

  • Don't Think That's True

    There are billions and billions of stars. There are probably some we cannot even comprehend existing because our scope of knowledge is so narrow. There are many galaxies out there that we are unaware of. Trees cannot possibly outnumber stars. We have a definite amount where as stars are indefinite.

  • You are comparing unknown finite number to an unknown infinite number.

    The Earth has a surface area of 316899308.041 square miles. The volume of just our galaxy is 1595419840000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (1.59541984*10^51) cubic miles.
    The Earth is covered in water and there are many areas too extreme for a tree's survival.
    A star can survive suspended in the vacuum of space.
    There are not more flipping trees than stars.

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