Do you know what justice means? Christian answer (yes) atheist answer (no)

Asked by: Gamapo
  • Justice is ...

    Justice is getting what you deserve according to Gods law. This can be very difficult to grasp, especially since we all deserve to be obliterated off the face of the earth. But jesus sacrifice saved us.

    Only 12 more words don't you know! 6 more! 4 more! 2 more! One-!

  • Wrong topic, completely wrong

    Your topic is wrong. It's funny that the christian answer (actually no) is about God and those things that people don't know if they exist or not but think they do because some person said so, and the atheist answer(should be yes) is logical. Society should not be based of of religion. Think of all the wars that happened because of religion. Now think of all the wars that happened because of atheism/agnosticism

  • Justice is according to whats right in morals, not religion. CHURCH AND STATE ARE SEPARATE!!!!!

    Like the question said, atheists click no. So I did. Justice is for our safety and our well being, whether religion says we have to or not. Take the old testament for example. It said that a man would rather give up his DAUGHTER to be raped and mutilated than one of his MALE guests, who he just met. If that isn't wrong I don't know what is! Also, if we did indeed have a government based on religion, everyone would need to have the same religion for a fair trial. Moving on, I live in America and our first amendment clearly states right to religion. Also, our justice system is corrupt enough as it is! Don't add religion to the bill. I am a 13 year old girl, an atheist, and sure as anything don't want any beliefs, whether mine or another, crossing into our justice system.

  • Justice is the law.

    According to Torah, the Bible, and the Quoran, you can sell your own daughter as a sex slave. (Exodus 21:1-11) Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is messed up. Who would listen to something that said something like that. Back to the topic, the ten comandments were a good law code back when they were first created, but they are not relevant anymore. The law is separate from religion because someone could say God told them to do it and according to the bible we'd have to respect them.

  • The way is see it.

    I have a simple stance that I think works quite well. Essentially, as long as your not harming other (intentional or unintentional) its fine.
    There some exceptions relating to ones self but that is the general stance.
    And justice, I generally have that eye for an eye stance on a lot of things. If someone ruined another's life they would find how much time for prison. This obviously means I stand for death sentence as well.

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CalinMarie says2016-03-01T19:41:43.170
Of course I, an atheist, does not know what justice is! Of course, in fact- I am an unfair and unjust demonic cunt.
CalinMarie says2016-03-01T19:42:28.660
That is sarcasm by the way. What the hell is this poll?
Gamapo says2016-03-03T19:00:48.033
Stop getting so worked up! Its homework purposes!