• Feminism continues to try and destroy them...

    What does one mean by a 'good' man? I am not sure if anyone can say, these days. Everyone wants something different.

    But realistically, all of the things people thought were good in men stemmed from their roles in society as caretakers, protectors, providers, truth seekers, inventors, and the list goes on. Where is the reason to try to be any of those things when you are demonized by the media, and a seemingly growing number of people out there basically condemn you at square one because of your genitals...?

  • They are there just harder to find

    Good men still exist they are just a lot harder to find. They are being overshadowed by all the other men who are lounder and more obnoxious. Good men are out there waiting for the right girl but they are not going to be up in your face so you have to go out and find them.

  • They Still Exist!

    Good men are out there. They aren't hard to find. They exist in every race & age group. They come in a variety of sizes, hair color, eye color, etc. They hold a variety of jobs. They embrace good morals. They respect women. They are loving & compassionate. So, why are they hard to find? Today's bachelorettes have changed what they look for & where they look. They may enjoy shopping, but where men are concerned ... They are clueless. Or should I say reckless consumers?

    Since I'm a woman & happily married (31 years & counting), I'll pass along some advice to those still searching ... You won't find gourmet chocolates in a convenience store. Think about it. Change how you shop and you WILL find a good man. Now, as for catching him ... There's a key to that too. Men like the chase, hunt, whatever you want to call it. Most grown men don't play video-games with an ERSB rating (unless they're playing with a child) ? Do you know why? The game is too easy. Think about it.

  • Equality sucks on the way down

    The 'Good' men, for starters, is a subjective term that applies to each person differently.

    I'm going to take the definition in the broadest sense of the phrase to mean the Man who stands up for what he believes in, the man who protects those who are close, and the man who will fight for what's right (again, all subjective things).

    The person stating the phrase "Where have all the good men gone?" is not satisfied with the actions they've seen from anywhere from 1 to all men, and is usually used as a hyperbole. Interestingly enough, there exists no counter gender phrase, as men don't ponder so aloofly where all the good women have gone. A woman, and a man... Is as good as the eye of the beholder.

    Freud suggests that women who are interested in men will look for a man that matches to their father's personality quite closely. Men today are 3 times more likely to commit suicide. (Source: http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Gender_differences_in_suicide). Many studies are have been performed into the realms of hegemonic masculinity, pointing toward man's prior usefulness as the main force of labor in developing worlds to their success. As these jobs dry up due to machine operated effort becoming superior, or complete automation, Man's inner warrior, and beast is now expected to lay dormant by modern society.

    One running idea is that Men learn how to be men from their father figures (Freud), and male role models are harder to come by for young boys these days, as women have an easier time with the way society is currently built. To that end, men are learning from their mothers regarding how to be men, and not becoming culture's idea of what a man is.

    For more reading, check out the class struggle analyses by Antonio Gramsci.

  • No. Stop asking me.

    Your digging to deep. Don't ask questions or my associate Mr. Fluffles will have to terminate you. Would you like Mr. Fluffles to exterminate your pathetic existance? No? Well then stop digging around and asking questions. Have you stopped? I can't tell. I am required by law to tell you that Mr. Fluffles is a registered sex offender, but the seven year old girl was dressed provocatively.

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RoyLatham says2013-12-18T04:22:37.607
"Most of the good men are married, and the rest want to do your hair." --Cher