Do you know who the Amazing Atheist is? What is your opinion of him?

Asked by: Bluepaintcan123
  • TJ is generally an offensive person, and that's okay.

    TJ is known for being controversial, ruthless, offensive, and blatant. I'd say that's okay, just as long as he keeps being a skeptic. He's more often than not on the right side of the moral and logical compass, and furthermore, he doesn't care what others think about him. A lot of people dislike his character, but that's what makes him the AMAZING Atheist.

  • He's a fat slobby, disgusting looking atheist.

    The Amazing Atheist also known as Thomas James Kirk III or TJ is a controversial atheist youtuber who basically got YouTube infamy for his blunt critiques on religion although his videos have branched out to multiple topics like feminism, LGBT, and more recently otherkin. I think he's funny and intelligent but it's clear that to an extent he's a pot stirrer. His views are kind of widespread so that's fine but I've heard rumors about him participating in scams by a fellow named Brett Keane. Ripping people off under the shroud of making a website and he was even accused of being a part of a Diploma Mills scam with his Father who is coincidentally also happens to be a scammer. I guess like Father, like son makes sense here. Give the money back TJ!

    On a serious note, he's entertaining and he gives the typical atheist points so I can't fault him for trying to destroy ignorance and religion.

  • Nobody of interest.

    Because of this question, I looked it up. I can't say I know who he is based on just a few videos but what I did watch was just silly rants of an angry atheist. From what I saw, there was nothing of any new or interesting information. Yes, some people do a lot of dumb things because of religious beliefs but these are things anyone can see. He is like that guy you see at cheap magic shows who yells out obvious things that the audience would already have caught onto. Based on what I saw, the person is not least bit interesting much less amazing.

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