Do you legitimately fear for your safety and freedom if Donald Trump is elected?

  • Yes, I do.

    Not only for my safetly, but for the safely of others as well. Trump will try to deport people who have lived here for decades, and he may not care about thier immigration status. Not to mention his attitude towards all minorities, jewish people, black people, muslims, women (who are not a minorty), and others.

  • Safety? Not so much.

    Freedom: Yes, if he enables the religious right. What's so difficult to understand about, "I do not want to live my life according to your religious beliefs". The operative word there being "belief" I.e. not according to science or humanist philosophy.
    (What's with the 9 more words needed? I've said.....)

  • Yes, i do.

    This is very true, i actually fear for my safety and freedom if Donald Trump. To begin with, the United States will not be safe with a president that seems to be a dictator. No one would like such a place. Secondly, freedom will be limited, especially for the other races in the United States. This is actually referenced to how he has already declared that they should leave the U.S.

  • Trump is Loose Cannon

    I fear for my life if Trump were president because he would have the nuclear codes and he would do anything he wanted, even if it went against his adviser's wishes and intentions. Trump could cause problems with other countries that could potentially attack us simply because Trump does not know when to stop talking and he talks recklessly and with no elegance whatsoever.

  • No I don't!

    I don't fear my life for President Trump because at least he's not Hillary! Anyways, it sucks to be you guys because he's already won! So, Trump is a good president who just wants to make the country MORE safe and all you guys do is just complain when he's trying to make the country safer.

  • No, I do not fear for my safety.

    I am not afraid for my life if Donald Trump is elected President. I do not think that he will be the best President for the United States and I think that he will make many mistakes, but I do not fear for my life if he would be elected.

  • No not at all.

    Trump was not out to get us. Hilliary has been and always will be out to get the citizens of the united states. She is one of the elitist and the citizens such as the lower class and middle class would have been the victims to her rampage on the united states. Anybody who voted for that evil women needs to do there research on who exactly they were voting for. Trump was an outsider a candidate that was not corrupted by the ways of government the american people voted for this man because its whats right. And your going to fear your life by the way a man talks with no elegance in his voice? That is one of the most ignorant things i have ever heard apart from pro hilliary. People of america just wait Trump will do this country a great deed. Far better then hilliary.

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