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  • Too vague and generic

    What is Freeform even supposed to mean? ABC Family at least has a clear name that explains the type of content they'll be showing. If I scrolled past Freeform on my cable menu, I'd have no idea that it was ABC Family, or even what it's supposed to be on its own. No thanks!

  • What does Freeform mean?

    ABC Family has switched to Freeform but what does it mean. Previously one could tell that the channel was family friendly and clean entertainment. If I saw Freeform on a tv guide I would not have any idea what type of station it is. Once could almost think that it was an extreme sports channel. Until they make a tagline or something to go alone with the name I think that it will not be as recognizable as ABC Family.

  • No, I prefer ABC Family's original name.

    I prefer the original name, ABC Family, over the new name (Freeform). The name ABC family automatically lets the audience know it is a family channel, because of the included word 'family'. The new name, Freeform, can lead the audience to wonder what type of shows this channel is offering.

  • No I do not like ABC Family's new name.

    To me the name ABC Family meant that I could watch family shows and movies on that station. The name Freeform doesn't mean anything to me yet. Are they changing the type of programming they show? It doesn't say family television to me so unless they changed the style of television that they represent, I think they missed the mark.

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