• Its so easy

    Algebra is complete simple. If you are bad at it you are a fucking retard or your teacher is a fucking retard. Also algebra is necessary in careers like computer programming and theoretical/quantum physics (these are high paying jobs but if you are bad at algebra you probably think mcdonalds is high paying)

  • Useful and Intuitive

    It's the second easiest and second most useful form of Math (after basic arithmetic). Also essential for other sciences, linguistics, helpful for logical thinking. It's the easiest math to apply in everyday situations. If people can't even handle basic algebra they really should look at YouTube or something, it's not that tough, their teachers must be terrible.

  • I once hated it, but I now have to say "yes"

    I hated algebra and geometry when I was in high school and to be perfectly honest I can't say that I would feel any differently if I were in high school today. I loved science but saw math as a fruitless exercise. I have say that they really are really useful in real life, essential if you choose a technical or science-related career. You will find applications for these and other mathematical skill in all of the sciences. I use them both on a regular basis, something I would never have dreamed of in ninth grade. I've even found application for them in my hobbies, something I definitely would have considered impossible. I like algebra, not for the experience of taking the class but for the value if provides.

  • As a class, yes, otherwise no

    As a class I love it compared to the others because unlike the other classes it isn't coming up with a bunch of crap for a project and trying to make it seem coherent, it is just simple formulas. However, most of it is pretty useless and over-complicated for most people.

  • Algebra is both useful and easy

    Algebra is incredibly useful. Calculus and statistics are impossible without Algebra. Where, especially, would the world be today without Calculus? Engineering and modern Physics are, essentially, applied Calculus, which, in turn, is based on Algebra. Algebra is also amazingly easy because it is pure logic. If you do enough algebra homework, the answers just "pop" into your head.

    Posted by: cs2
  • No, I hate it

    I don't feel like I will ever need to use a lot of what algebra has taught me in the future. I feel like it is all nonsense. I also don't like it because of this:

    It's very confusing to me at times and everything in algebra relates, so if you forget something, you have to learn it again to move onto something else.

  • Hate it, hate it, hate it

    No, I dislike algebra. I dislike it because it's a form of math, and I hate math in any shape or form. I don't understand it. I am just not gifted in this particular area. At school, algebra was pure torture. Somehow I managed to get decent grades, but I still remember the pain of trying to learn that garbage.

  • Frankly, I find it useless for most high paying careers

    I'm studying to become a synthetic pharmaceutical chemist, which is often seen as a very prosperous job yet involves only fairly basic math. If I could apply right now, I could start making $90,000 a year today. My father, who works in emergency management (he's the one who tells you to get the hell outta dodge before a storm hits, makes plans in case a disaster happens, etc.) rarely uses any math outside of multiplication with a calculator makes nearly $150,000 a year, so it's not as important as your algebra teacher would have you believe. It is still necessary some careers obviously, but you won't be earning as much as fast with a purely algebra based job.

  • I do not have the patience to do long math problems.

    I am not a fan of math. I simply do not find it fulfilling or worthwhile to solve lengthy math problems using formulas. I, therefore, do not like algebra. This is not to say, however, that algebra is invaluable or bad. In fact, there are many uses for math in daily life, which make it a valuable subject to study. But my personal preference does not tend toward joy in algebra.

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