• One of my favorite things to watch

    I could provide a very long list of anime I enjoy thoroughly, but to be general, I find it to be full of great storylines, fantastic animation, intriguing characters, and strong music. It provides a lot of opportunity to experiment that makes it a great medium for producing stories that stretch the imagination.

  • Better than American television.

    Turn on any American TV channel, and prepare to cringe. They lack plot and Character development, and hardly ever have any moral to them.
    Anime is usually really well done. The characters are generally far more enjoyable, and they actually have a PLOT.

    Let me give some notable examples of good anime:
    Sword Art Online
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Soul Eater
    Blue Exorcist
    Naruto (Not Naruto Shippuden)

    The only good "American" tv show I can think of is the Avatar series, although technically it was animated in Korea and has a lot of Asian influence in terms of art style and setting.

  • Anime is very well made.

    I find anime to to much better than western cartoons since most animes (except for The Big Five (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tale, Pokemon)) have definitive endings compared to most cartoons. Also, the artwork and animation is very well done and one can see the amount of effort put into it. In anime, there is almost always character development and the plot keeps progressing unlike most cartoons where each episode can be a stand alone. I also find that cartoons are most put in the target audience of children while anime can appeal to all ages. Finally, cartoons tend to be more censored and have little to no romance though that may be due to the target audience.

  • Anime is great

    Japanese cartoons and animations are usually of high quality and carry an important life story with them. Others bear incredible animation and actions scenes that get the viewers pumped up.

    Still, this is a bit of a silly question. It's like asking "do you like movies," and the expected answer is going to be affirmative.

  • It's not that bad

    I love the creativity that goes behind a lot of anime.
    Most anime's can create worlds and creates that are unlike anything I've seen in real life and I love it.

    Consider Studio Ghibli films for example; the movie can bring about so much emotion with just music and images- it's beautiful. I'd suggest that people watch Spirited Away and Grave of the fireflies- they are two perfect examples. I dare you to watch and tell me I was wrong!

  • Entertainment with profit

    Anime is a japanese television series craze that has benefitted millions of people as both a source of entertainment and a source of profit for japanese broadcasting companies. Anime is used to express multiple things, some Anime even discuss politics.If used correctly, Anime can be a very influential capitol in solving real world issues.

  • Anime is amazing.

    Anime is an amazing thing that has been created. The best anime I have seen are Free! Eternal Summer, Attack on Titan, and Sword Art Online. (and yes, I do still watch anime even though I'm pretty old.) I plan to watch Haikyu!! In the future. (I heard it is really good.)

  • Anime is for everyone

    Anime is for children as well as adults. Many people believe anime is only for children usually for two reasons
    1.Because they believe that cartoons cannot tell a heart moving deep or intelligent storyline even though I would bet they cried in the first ten minuets of up or the scene where simba tries to wake up a dead muffasa in the lion king
    2.They saw one picture from a childish anime and stereotyped all anime and decided that all anime must be like that

    if you fit into one types of people may I suggest anime such as elfen lied, Tokyo ghoul, parasite, code grass or angel beats

  • Wholeheartedly yes I do.

    Anime is a beautiful form of art and creativity. Not only being one of Japan's most highest sources of income, it also can form new friendships and potential partners through a similarity to liking it. In my opinion, Westerners are afraid of anime. It's something unknown and strange in the culture, because cartoons are for kids, right? Wrong. Animation should be able to be enjoyed by all ages. Anime should be excepted with open arms, because people can learn so much from it. Wether it be new art styles or an understanding of Japanese humour. The plot lines, also. They are so much more well put together and exciting! Other animations simply do not compare. There is such a wide variety of genres and brilliantly amazing plot lines that can keep you glued to your chair!

    Although, as long as you don't get too attached to anime (I.E end up never leaving the house, and failing in social skills) then it can be harmless! Embrace anime, don't hate it! It's better than your average cheesy American comedy for sure :D

  • Anime is beautiful, and not something bad

    Believe it or not, Anime is actually very popular in America as it is in Japan. Because of the internet, it really has become a small world after all. Ever since the first anime was introduced in the 90s, America’s love for anime has reached a level in the 2000s that Japan has started to question America’s love for anime. Yet some people believe it’s inappropriate, and should not be watched by children.Anime is not bad, and it has a lot of different themes that are also frequently shown in American movies or TV shows. It’s simply expressed in a different way. Anime has a large range of themes, teaches life lessons, and opens views up to the world of imagination and animation.
    Anime can be pretty cheesy sometimes, but the lessons they teach can be inspiring. Whether its about friendship and being happy, or the truth of the real world, anime teaches viewers many things that would benefit in life. For example, in Naruto it shows how you can never give up on your goals, and how important friendship and bonds are. It also explains that some people are born with natural talent, and some are not. Those who aren’t born with the talent have to work harder in order to achieve their goals. Naruto shows how hard work can pay off in the end. Then there’s another anime called Sakurasou no pet na kanojo which shows how talented talented people are. Those who don’t have the talent can never catch up to those who do. It reveals the harsh truth in the world, and how unfair the world can be. Some people might argue that anime shows too much mature content, and the things they teach are not for children. Its true that some anime has blood, gore, and adult themes, but anime itself is not really meant for children. There are some anime that is more for the kids, but most anime is more towards the teenagers and young adults. Many people assume that anime is for kids because it’s animated, or it looks childish. That is true, sometimes people click on videos that are animated expecting to see happiness and rainbows, but sometimes get a bloody gore fest instead. I believe that what many parents are the most concerned with is the adult content that is shown in anime. Many of the women wear… revealing clothing. In some other animes, there are implied sexual acts that may cause some people to cringe. Of course, in any TV show/movie, anime does have a rating attached to each one. So keeping children away from inappropriate american content is the same as keeping children away from the inappropriate anime content.

  • Because its stupid

    Now Anime is stupid because of this:

    1. They plagiarise other works ( SAO to The Matrix)
    2. They have stupid and dumb story lines. (The Last of Us is better)
    3. They have now good thing in any aspect. ( Sorry Attack on Titan, but Dead Space still kicks your ****)

    See, they lose to ANY GAMES, even against EA (better than that)

  • Does't teach anything.

    Anime is for the people who think that movies and T.V are for normal people. People iv'e met who watch Anime are weird and socially awkward. But i have not encounter who are normal. But the do steal a lot of the story lines from other places. Anime does not offer any kind educational values, unlike some of the shows.

  • 99.9 percent of all anime and manga is pure junk

    Lots of the anime and manga that I have seen is that the main character is special and has super powers and tries to save the world or whatever. In my opinion anime isn't even art because you start with the same base over and over again. Characters have huge eyes and horrible proportions it makes my back shiver. Characters are usually stereotypes and are horribly made. Although there are (some) good ones such as death note. The shoujo manga makes me laugh how the main character is either really wimpy,too strong or too dumb. Over all most of anime and manga are a complete waste of your precious life.

  • For the most part, no.

    I used to be really big into anime. I liked FMA, Cowboy Bebop, Afro Samurai, One Piece, Love Hina, Lucky Star, and occasionally, Inuyasha. But as I started watching more of it, I just got tired of it. Not to say that all anime is bad, because there's a lot of good ones, but unfortunately, like in any media, there's more bad than good.
    I'm not going to compare western animation to anime. That's really unfair, there's no point to it. I think it's just an art style and that they both target young audiences while both are capable of telling a rich and mature story in their own ways.
    Anime to me, just started becoming very repetitive, like story lines and same character tropes and designs. I got bored of watching a show about high-school aged characters with supernatural powers brightly colored hair that you'd find in a pack of Skittles, and just wanted something different than that. Anime has potential, but I just can't find it.

  • I just.... Don't get it I guess

    I don't get what's so good about it. It's just crazy overdone cartoons with over the top action and sappy as hell drama. I mean sure I can respect the art for what it is and OBVIOSLY some people like it but I guess it's just not my style. I feel special for being the .01% on this debate that says no.

  • I am like what

    So weird i don't get it it is ugly, and i think it is a waste of my time seeing these people rant over how good anime is, and it just annoys me. JUST STOP. Anime is a weird cartooon. ANIME IS NOT ALL CARTOONS JUST A CERTAIN TYPE. Dang

  • It's bad because

    It has stupid annoying voices. Weeaboos. And 90% of anime has rape scenes ALL JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE PERVERTS accept for the kids that's why there's a thing called ecchi anime and 12 year old kids like watching the crap if you were a parent and you saw your kid watching anime porn you would be pretty mad like SAO episode 27 it's disgusting JUST STOP

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