• For me, it's...

    As a high schooler, I am a very independent person and do not rely on other people to keep me entertained. I am bad at talking to people anyway, but I prefer to be by myself with a book in my hands. It annoys me when people who cant stand to be alone try to interrupt me from reading 'cause they cant sit silent for 15 minutes.
    AND being alone allows you to grow as a person!

    I prefer to stick around with my siblings rather then other people.

  • Having your own time guarantees your happiness

    The world is a very busy place, and it's very easy to go with its flow. An example of that is those old people who say they've done nothing in their lives, and this will actually happen to a lot of people because we waste too much time on work or friends and not on ourselves, and that's why when we reach the age of 60, we feel unhappy and lonely simply because we did nothing to ourselves. Some people may think they are doing what they like and wanted, but the busy life don't make us notice that the enjoyment is now gone, but talking to ourselves is the solution.

  • Sometimes it is good to be alone.

    A lot of people like to be alone sometimes. Often, you can get more work done if you are alone compared to working in a group. It's often also best to relax while alone so there are no distractions. There are many reasons to be alone, at least some of the time.

  • It is peaceful

    Everyone needs to be along once in a while. It gives you a chance to relax and think. Many times we are surrounded by people, work, drama, and stress. Taking some time alone gives us a chance to regroup and get our self together in times of stress or busy times.

  • I feel lonely

    When I am alone, no ones gonna play with you and you won't have anyone to talk to, or laugh at. It really is boring been alone. So why not make some friends?! Sometimes I feel sad when me and my best friend Issy's play date had been cancelled. I love been with friends!!!

  • I feel so lonely

    I feel lonely because we wont have any friends and just be staring at at some thing .. Better if some one is there with us....... We can actually study and increase knowledge with our friends ,..... And we can make a time to play with our friends logically with out friends its dam boring... We can to have fun going with a friend to a picnic..... So tell me people how was it...

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