• All lives matter.

    Not just black lives. What I think is funny is how the media focuses on the deaths of black people. If you watch the media, the only people who are shot and killed by police are black. Thing is, twice as many white people are shot and killed each year by police yet you never hear about them in mass media sources. Why? Because when a black person is killed, it looks like racism was the cause instead of the person being killed for more justified reasons. Clearly, controversy sells, this is especially true when it involves either people of power or those who are already looked down upon. Police fit both of those. What people fail to realize is that the person was not shot/killed just because of their race. If race was the sole purpose, why would the officer wait to shoot that one person instead of the hundreds of people who crossed their path throughout their career in law enforcement? Clearly this was not the first black person they came upon after getting their badge, so why wait till that moment? Clearly, there had to be a real reason to shoot/kill that person.

    What I thought was funny, in a way, was the riots after the Milwaukee shooting. Black people assumed that a white officer shot an unarmed black man so they rioted over the supposed injustice only to find out later that the officer was black and the person shot was armed.

    Here is an idea. Don't assume that the person shot was innocent just because they are the same race you are. Accept that your people, like every race, have bad people too.
    Here is another idea. Next time you are approached by an officer, give them respect and follow their instruction. Failure to do so will force the police officer to make you comply and further resistance will just require the officer to use more aggressive measures. That means, if you get seriously injured or killed, it's likely your fault and not the officer's as they were just doing their job.

  • Sure, why not?

    Most people in BLM just want racist treatment of African Americans by law enforcement to stop. Noble goal!

    Are there fringe groups? Sure. Does BLM sometimes (many times) exaggerate statistics? Sure. Does BLM also ignore cultural problems within the African-American community itself, and place blame squarely on racism? You betcha. Are there much bigger problems in the world we should be more focused on? Yeppity yep.

    But it's overall positive. They're trying to make a net "good" impact on the world - let them be, keep their more extremist thoughts in check, and promote racial equality.

    Now to read the other side:

    1. "Black Lives Matter are a bunch of un-educated liberal idiots. "


    2. "because those vile morons will come after you like a pack of ravenous dogs. Black lives matter is a lie, anyone who supports their narrative and views is brainwashed or simply ignorant. "All lives matter" this phrase upsets any Black lives matter cult member."

    Sounds like every YouTube comment, ever. F'ing hilarious. Keep your own ignorance in check, k?

    The other person arguing "biased statistics" makes valid points and has good citations. However, I'd also note that racially motivated killings are still a problem among law enforcement - not common, I'm sure - but enough to start a movement about it.

    Keep calm, folks. It's gonna get better in the end.

  • It's not the organization.

    By not capitalising "lives" and "matter", I am assuming you don't mean the organization. And if by black, you mean human beings of African geographical heritage, then yes; black human being's lives do matter. I don't understand what it means to matter, for there is not a definition provided. So I ask: what is it to matter? If it's receiving additional attention than some other human being group, then don't they matter? If it's simply getting to be a part of society where they are societally defined as equal, then what's the issue? I understand that racial groups struggle more than others in private industry, but that is the market; to put restrictions and enforcements on the market means that: "Rich lives don't matter" which is just as unethical, if not worse.

  • BLM Use Biased Statistics

    The movement, Black Lives Matter began after the death of 17 year old, Trayvon Martin, in 2013. Founders, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi used statistics to indicate the oppression of black lives, and how the government are racists and target black people because of their race.

    Black lives matter claim that there were 990 fatal shootings by police officers in 2015. Of the 93 unarmed civilians killed by police officers, 43% were black people. Despite the fact the the black population make up 13% of the U.S. population. Although these statistics may be true, it doesn't support the idea of black lives matter movement. These statistics are victims or correlation, not causation.

    The problem with the movement of black lives matter, they are completely biased and use one side of statistics to prove their stance. If black people contain 13% of the U.S. population, 38% of the U.S. jail system contain black people, that means 0.16% of the black population are detained in the system, and 0.043% of the white population are detained in the system. Statistically, black people are more prone to getting into trouble with the law rather than white people.
    Black lives matter movement use biased statistics to claim their oppression of race. Black people are more likely to go to jail, no it is not because of racism. One of the main reasons is poverty. A person in poverty is 20x more likely to commit a criminal act rather than the medium or upper class person. 22% of black people currently live in poverty while 8% of whites are living in poverty.


  • No, Absolutely Not.

    Black Lives Matter are a bunch of un-educated liberal idiots. They fail to address real issues in the Black community, they are also anti-Trump. Wear a maga hat towards any member, and be ready to run, because those vile morons will come after you like a pack of ravenous dogs. Black lives matter is a lie, anyone who supports their narrative and views is brainwashed or simply ignorant. "All lives matter" this phrase upsets any Black lives matter cult member.

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