• Strategic game is chess.

    It is all about strategy. It involves a lot of thinking. You don't have to kill a number of pieces to block the opposition king to a corner! Pure thinking and ability to visualize the end of the game from the beginning helps you win. This will help you in your profession and in your life

  • I like the strategy aspect.

    I'm not very good at it, but I like planning my moves and pretending I'm some sort of general commanding an army. I haven't played it in a while, but I really like doing it with my dad (even though he consistently beats me).
    It's a good game; a lot of fun and sharpens your brain into the bargain.

  • Chess makes you think

    When you play chess you must outmaneuver your opponent. You can't just keep moving the pieces around without thinking of the moves after and the one you made already. It is an interesting way to excise your brain. It beats a lot of other games especially since it makes you think.

  • One of my favorite game.

    Wow,what a wonderful game it is!
    When I begin the game I start with excitement.I like chess because It's cool, entertaining and it help's you to get more smarter,and most of the time I win in chess.
    Few years back my bro taught me how to play chess.
    I used to lose when i was playing against computer now i beat..
    Finally:Awesome Game Ever.

  • It's boring and a bit too complicated if you ask me

    I can't really stand chess because it can't hold my attention and there is way too many things to think about at once for me to get any real gratification out of it. I have won a few games before, But it just felt like it ate away too much of my time for it to be worth it. Chess is a game that requires strong will and patience, Of which I have neither.

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