Do you like DDO's new and improved 'Opinions' section?

Asked by: marc.amarillas
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    Shows up on the home page and profile. Get notifications. Can comment on and like posts. Make your own topics instead of submitting requests. Nicer format...Yes definitely like it. Only thing that's a bit annoying is having to post 50 words per opinion (hence my typing this sentence . )

  • Oh hell yes

    You can like opinions that you agree with, along with give responses to them to, you can see how many times youve voiced your opinion on your DDO Profile now, you get notifications of if your friends disagree with you or not, and you also get notifications if other people you dont even know agree with your opinion. And thats just the stuff that I HAVE seen!

  • For the most part...

    but the notifications on my home page are quite annoying. I like the improved interface and all, but I wish it wouldn't tell me when anyone agrees or disagrees with something that I've commented on as well. I barely use this part of DDO anyway, but I guess it's okay overall.

  • It's not that I dislike it....

    I just don't particularly like it either. If people want to voice their opinions on various subjects, debating seems like a better route. This doesn't feel especially meaningful. I'd invite someone to point out what I've missed though. Perhaps there is something cool about it that I'm just not getting.

    Posted by: YYW
  • Simplicity is better

    I liked things better the way they were. It was more simple. You click on the section you're interested in, and there's just a list of questions you can choose to answer. Now, you have to click around a bit more to get where you want to go. Plus, I don't like getting notified on my activity doohicky every time somebody else contributes to a question I contributed to. Also, I don't want to get into an argument every time I posted my opinion about something. I liked the lack of a comment section. If people want to have a debate with somebody they disagree with, you could just challenge them. Or, if you want to have a discussion about your opinion, you could post to one of the discussion forums. i don't like the comment section in this part of DDO.

  • No, not really.

    It's better than before... BUT I HATE THE NOTIFICATIONS. I don't care if you like an opinion, I care about my profile comments, debate comments, votes, etc. The notifications clutter that section, I don't like it. That's the only downside see to the update. So, overall, yes, just change the stupid notifications.

  • No. Cartoons aren't necessary

    I am not sure it is that required the pictures be include to make a point. I understand pro and anti gun debates without the cartoon just fine. The only part I am curious about is the next of 100 abortion debates are there going to be pictures of aborted fetuses or sonograms?
    I have been able to read for quite awhile now and don't really require the visual cues.

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