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Adam2 says2014-06-09T01:46:08.917
No, but one of Dre's raps is inspiration for what I fantasize doing to Michael Glazer
Me: "Yeah, Klansman, what's up with all that mother---king cheating me you was doing?"
Glazer, with a gun in his mouth: "Leave me alone, r--ard!"
Me: "F--k you! What's up with that f--king me over?"
[Glazer's response is inaudible]
Me: "You listen up! What's the matter, you can't talk with a gun in your mouth?"
[Glazer once again inaudible]
Me: "Yo, listen up, Scotsman, you know Lucifer?"
Glazer: "No."
Me: "Well you about to meet him, mother---ker." (shoots gun)