• For at least novelty

    Google Glass is, at the very least, a novelty that is very interesting to think about and play with, and at most, something that will change the world. Its hard to say what the future of Google Glass will be, but, regardless, I do most definitely like the concept and product.

  • Yes I do.

    Google comes up with some of the best products and is a group of very smart people. I love almost everything they have made so far. Their glasses look good and can help prevent even more eye damage making a better work scenario or gaming scenario for people who need it.

  • Google's computer glasses are not good.

    Google's new computer glasses are an invasion of privacy. People are already protesting the use of these glasses in public out of fear that users could secretly video record everything they see. Use of the glasses while driving could also be a major distraction. These new glasses are not welcomed by all.

  • They are creepy.

    No, I do not like Google's computer glasses, because they allow people to spy on other people too easily. Google has not really explained what the computers do, or why we should not be wary of them. They remind a lot of people of a sci-fi futuristic world, and a lot of people, including me, are naturally skeptical.

  • No, I'm not a fan of Google Glass.

    I'm personally not a fan of Google Glass. First, I think it looks kind of silly for people to be wearing technology right on their faces. Second, it seems like we're already too plugged into technology, so having it be almost a part of us is disturbing and cyborg-ish. The third reason I don't care for them is because there are privacy issues that will be raised if they ever become mainstream. We're already often being observed and recorded by businesses, but pretty soon we could be being recorded by everyday people, as well, and in some cases that is not legal without consent.

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