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  • Hot Dogs Are Gross

    Hot dogs are actually disgusting. First of all, They taste atrocious. It seems that the reason that they are called hot dogs is because they taste like literal dogs. Also, They have a nasty texture to them as well as an outrageous color. Hot dogs make me want to barf.

  • Not this one

    This is probably my first No side when creating these opinions but hotdogs are my top 1 least favorite food ever! 4 times in Pre-k I ate hotdogs, Coming back home I vomited a of a sudden, Then after some medicine I ate hotdogs in pre-k again, And I vomited once again, This happened 2 more times before I was done. When Hotdogs were the only thing available in the cafeteria In my new current school, I only eat the bread and leave the sausages there on the tray.

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