• It looks like Android!

    IOS 7 is a child of Windows 8, Android, and the old iOS. I like Android, iOS 7 is a copy of Android, so I like iOS 7!

    Now here is how iOS 7 copied Android:
    Control Center
    "Live wallpapers"
    ---Pretty much all of the new stuff that Apple is advocating

    Here is how it copied Windows 8:

    And here is how it still has features from the old iOS:
    Still doesn't let power users do anything they want

    All in all, I still hate iOS, but iOS 7 is an improvment!

  • I was pleasantly surprised!

    In the past I have found myself frustrated when big changes to a site or software occur. I was expecting the same to happen with the iOS 7 update. To my surprise have not found myself frustrated at all, but rather excited and have fully embraced the new changes. It seems Apple really took the time to understand how their users are using their devices. My favorite feature is the Control Center. I like having one swipe access to the things I use the most. Of course there is always room for improvement, but overall Apple did a great job!

  • Yes I love it

    I just downloaded the new apple iOS for my iPhone 5 yesterday and have been exploring all the new great features. I love the new look and feel. The updated user experience seems fresh, new yet very familiar and intuitive. My wife and I have using the Airdrop feature to share pictures of our kids with each other. Really cool. Love it! Steve Jobs would be proud!

  • Apple. IOS 7

    I am a fan of "Apple" company products and I like the products which "Apple" company produce to us. I have not so many their products but I like new IOS 7 system because i think the design of this IOS is distinguish from IOS 6 or IOS 5 and it is attracted me. Actually, i reached it today and now i'm using it. I want to write that the power of telephone became work quickly and you can change some programs of your telephone by yourself and for me this thing is very important. For example, if you want to use "Safari" you can move on pages of Internet very quickly and at the foot of screen you will see others pages and just one click you will move to another pages, it is very comfortably for people who have business and for students. I agree that this new system has advantages and disadvantages, but i believe that advantages is more. The search on your Iphone or Ipad is became easier than before it was, the weather you can see on display, if you want to call somebody you will just click one touch on you phone.
    However, I support people who tell that IOS 7 is bad. Of course, it has some disadvantages. For example the menu on display changes and the first minutes of using IOS 7 i will have some problems with it and somebode can not find some information on menu or on some programs, but i take the view that it is not so important, you can get used to your work and study, just have a time beacuse it is "Apple" company and they are doing everything to make your life easier with their products.

  • Innovation, At Its Best

    There is nothing better than a fresh coat of paint on something that everyone already likes. IOS 7 is the turning point of the Post-PC Era. Android, Windows Phone, or even BlackBerry stand no chance against Apple in the high-end smartphone industry. Simply put, people will always have a choice when it comes to their preferred smartphone operating system. But the people who choose iOS will have higher satisfaction, and pleasant animations on their iDevices. :)

  • I feel like I have a whole new phone.

    I'm definitely digging it. The new design is aesthetically pleasing, and things like the improved notification center and the new control center make it much easier to use. I think my favorite feature is the ability to switch back and forth between apps without having to completely reload them. I was hesitant at first, but overall, I'm very pleased. Well done, Apple.

  • Elegant, Beautiful, and Smooth

    IOS 7 is Apple's best iOS version to date because it is amazingly smooth, sleek, and translucent. It may seem childish as first glance, but start using the OS and it is amazingly beautiful. You won't want to go back to any previous versions ever again. It also works flawlessly smooth on any iPhone 4S or newer, not so much the iPhone 4 as it is only a single core processor.

  • IOS7 is an improvment

    Apple's interface is consistent and makes sense. IOS7 makes it even more so while adding shortcuts to commonly used features. The cleaner look and feel is like getting a new phone. The transitions are fluid and elegant. Siri does more, sounds better and is more accurate at interpreting my commands.

  • Simple, neat, easy to use, and a whole new experience.

    Bullish said in his argument, "...Apple is supposed to be known for the simplicity and stuff." But doesn't iOS 7 make it simpler and easier to use plus simpler on the eye? The control center (where you swipe up from the bottom) makes it easier for one to make quick setting adjustments and it can be revealed by one simple gesture, just slide up. When you double tap the home button, you can easily switch between apps and they made it simpler to close the apps, flicking up. Being able view notification center from the lock screen is another way Apple makes the device even simpler to use.

  • I like it.

    Everything looks so neat and clean. I love that when you turn your iPod/iPhone sideways, you can see multiple albums instead of scrolling through one by one to find the one you want. Plus, it's definitely faster. I think the people who don't like it just don't like change. They're probably the same people who complain every time Facebook has an update.

  • No, I think it's bad.

    My first reaction was "wtf is this ugly new GUI". Everything was flat, one dimensional, and have very unrealistic shading (horrible choices of color too). Then I opened a couple of apps and I was like "wtf why did they make the text even harder to read by making it even skinnier and lighter in color". Then I was like "wtf where is my stocks app -- oh it turned black and I can't even see it against my black background because they removed the borders". Wtf.

    OK, enough about the crappy GUI. Let's talk performance. Yes, this phone is noticeably slower. Apple is supposed to be know for using simple software on advanced machines so there is less lag. But when I turned my phone on, it was like "damn this screen lag, is it like 2 PFS or something?" Then I turned on Safari (The new icon is so repudiable). The new swiping thing is slow as a slug under a rock. I have to wait like 5 seconds before I can swipe to another tab.

    Summary: ugly, slow.

    Yeah yeah they got some nice features too, like the bottom swipe thing and they now have TWO decimal points after the stopwatch. But Apple is supposed to be known for the simplicity and stuff. I really hate this update.

    *If anyone knows how I can REVERT BACK TO iOS 6 that would be great*

  • It Looks Cheap

    IOS 7 looks cheap and tacky. It looks too similar to an Android phone. If I wanted the interface of an Android, I would have bought an Android. I bought an iPhone because I liked its simple, clean, elegant looks. Besides the looks, it slows my phone down tremendously. The keyboard now drags when I am trying to type.

  • IOS 7 is bad

    It lags so much, it annoys you with all the bugs it has, apps randomly crash, it won't connect to the Internet, my iPad 2 randomly restarts because of iOS 7, so that are the reasons why I think IOS 7 is the worst thing ever, don't update it! Stay on iOS 6! Don't update it to iOS 7 or else you will have to live with the lag

  • Ugly as all-getout and almost no original innovation

    Whew! I almost had a heart attack when I read a news article about the new "and improved" iOS 7. Just to be clear, I am an Android fan, but I do/did appreciate the better qualities of Apple products. I looked at the screenshots and was appalled to see how ugly the OS was. The Safari icon looked like a kindergartner drew it with crayon! Seriously, whoever was in charge of the design team must have had not been paying attention to anything they were doing. There are a few improvements, but as others have stated they were copied from Android. However, Touch ID on the iPhone 5s is a neat little trick, and bravo to Apple as it is genuinely useful. However, on the whole, iOS 7 is not an improvement, but a step backwards, especially in the design.

  • Reduces product that looked and felt professional to more of an adolescent toy.

    Apple have always presented a different image. Clear, clean, professional and crisp. I loved my iphone on IO6. It had the Apple look. As soon as I downgraded to IOS7 it lost that edge and became just another wannerbe and looked like a poor andriod phone. I had an HTC desire before and that screen looked better to me than IOS7. I really do regret the downgrade and will seriously look elsewhere when my next contract comes up. Genuinely angry and sad with Apple at the same time. If you took you new car in for a service and they changed the interior layout appearance you would be rightly angry...Why is IOS7 in that sense any different?

  • I don't like

    I think iOS6 is better than iOS7 because of the line or borders. And other graphical design. IOS7 is more functionally but its had a big big difference between iOS6. Many user selected iOS7 because like what I said in functionality and multi-tasking purpose, But for me iOS6 is the better than iOS7.

  • Copying all new features from Android and design from Windows Phone =/= Innovation

    Copying all new features from Android and design from Windows Phone =/= Understanding users. Overpriced phones with a locked up Operating system. "New" features just copied from Android. "New" design just take from Windows Phone 8. Nothing new here, typical Apple product, typical brainwashed iCult members ranting about how Steve Jobs is a god.

  • I don't really like what apple is doing...

    Apple has seemed to have stopped innovating, I mean look at iOS 7 and compare it too the Android Operating System. You would have to be an idiot to say that iOS 7 is a completely unique piece of software. It's things like this that make me hat Apple, last year they sued Samsung for having curved edges on their phones, yet the have the ability to rip off an entire operating system from Google! This Hippocracy is why I dislike Apple and iOS 7.

  • I Hate it

    I hate it, they changed the icons, which now look stupid, childish, and one dimensional, and the whole format is too much like android. I don't like how pictures don't fit for backgrounds now, as they're made to fit the full screen. The circles for your password on the lock screen, or when you're dialing a number look stupid, and it doesn't feel like an iPhone anymore. I don't like the way they changed the music or photos because now it just looks weird. And the thing i hate the most is it decreases your battery life by 10%, as if iPhone's didn't already have the shortest battery life.

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