• Yes, it is

    I live in a muslim majority environment and I they are the most beautiful, peaceful people I ever met. They have high tolerance amongst others and respect the non muslims minority. They get along each other and love each others. The prophet's neighboow was a jew. The Qur'an taught us, whoever attacks and kills people to join islam, is not even smell a pinch of paradise.

    Posted by: Mz99
  • Islam is liked by most... At least those who dont practice stereotyping...

    Peaceful and liked. Just cuz "islamist's" are causing chaos doesn't mean all muslims are like that!!! That's called stereotyping which shouldn't be a concept still practiced in today's society !!! Stereotyping is a very false way of labeling which when done is mostly never true! Islam is a peaceful religion. And as quoted "killing one person is like killing all of humanity."

  • Islam does more harm than love and comfort

    Islam is a HUGE religion spanning many different people and cultures so it would be utterly wrong to stereotype the whole religion which contains around 1,500,000,000 people. But I believe Islam has caused more suffering than love and comfort, basically the cost outweighs the benefit. Although the Koran does encourage killing against against non-believers Quran (9:29) but also does the Holy Bible Deuteronomy 17 so no I do not believe that the majority of followers follow these commands but there are extremist our there who follow their holy scripture strictly. I believe that Islam has more extremist than Christianity. (I have no evidence for this claim) Why don't we see Jew extremist? Or even Hindu extremist? "Not all Muslims are terrorist but all terrorist are Muslim" not literally but still it holds kinda true. As an Atheist i'd have Christianity over Islam basically have all Muslims be Christians, although this is un-realistic.
    Sorry for so many run on sentences!
    My first opinion thing

  • We have reason to say NO

    I've heard some muslim communities to being kind. However it doesn't defend the argument of Islamic ideology committing unethical practices on other countries. The Quran contains many verses showing negativity towards disbelievers. Sure it may be out of context but that is not what the attacks tell us.
    There have been a number of attacks on other countries and just watch the tele if you want facts. The Quran provides "justification" for cutting of my fingers, Cutting off my head, Raping my wife and what not.
    I'm not going to support unfair treatment either. Here is a verse from Quran: "Allah enjoins you concerning your children: The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females"
    And don't say "you are taking that outta context! " How do you explain the New years eve event in Cologne? 100 women being raped, Assaulted and violated by Islamic men. . . ?
    I don't dislike the people, I dislike the ideology

  • I don't like it now, and I never will. Here's why:

    Islam calls for the suppression of other religions and thus is the only religion that is directly opposed to freedom of religion. On the outside, it seems to be growing, but on the inside, it's slowly dying out. The reason for this is because it punishes apostasy (leaving the religion) with execution, combined with the fact that most new members of the religion are born into it, due to the misogynistic tradition within the religion in which a woman must submit to a man's will no matter what, thus excusing inappropriate male behavior and leading to an out-of-control birth rate among Muslims. It also has a particular distaste for freedom, and preaches anti-gay bigotry, anti-Christian bigotry, and anti-Semitism. It overall is just a very intolerant religion and a horrific, potent killer, second only to atheism.

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