Do you like Kobe Bryant's new nickname 'Vino,' meaning 'gets better with age?'

  • Spot On Kobe

    Hi is just smart on the court, taking shots because he has to, not because he wants to. Kobe one on one remains top 3, he will bring you up and down, pivot you, leave you dry, block you, post you, launch the 3 if needed, pass selection improved, all around the man.

  • It's dead right!

    He might be aging fast and battling with injuries, but his skills will never worsen. His shot selections, positioning and clutch should just become better with experience. His injuries will also make him mentally stronger, and he will come back better than before. Lastly, vino is class, just like Kobe!

  • It suits him.

    I like Kobe's new nickname "Vino" , it just proves that even though Kobe is on the late stage of his career and given the age, his skills could still be acknowledge to the point that he acquires a new nickname. And also it shows how phenomenal a player he is, just like MJ said on his interview with Ahmad rash ad, that him playing with those minutes and numbers, guarding young point guards at that age is ludicrous.

  • I like Bryant's new nickname since it improves his overall image.

    Yes, I like Kobe Bryant's new nickname. As he gets older, I think it's important that he is still thought of as a talented basketball player. By giving himself a new nickname that means "gets better with age," he is able to emphasize the fact that he is still a very good player.

  • It is accurate.

    While some will probably say that his new nickname is silly and probably more than a little corny, it's hard to argue that it is not accurate. He has been getting better as time goes on, and it seems like his skills will never get any worse than they are now.

  • No, It's Corny

    I do not like his new nickname. I think it is corny and that the nickname Black Mamba is a lot better. I do not know who gave him this name, but they should have came up with something better than this one. He is getting better with age, but it's a bad name.

  • No I don't

    I don't like Kobe Bryant's nickname nor do I like Kobe Bryant. I have no interest in basketball whatsoever, so Kobe Bryant could not possibly interest me. Furthermore he is apparently a rapist and overall sexual assaulter, so that doesn't really bode well for me in my opinion. I don't like him at all.

  • No, it's extremely cheesy.

    This is just a roundabout way of saying he is getting old. He should just accept the fact that he is half the player he used to be 10 years ago and he should stop trying to shine the spotlight on himself. This is just a sad call for attention.

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