• Yes, Why not. . .

    Why not support this mega cock, As he shows dead people on the internet, Showing kids that its ok. So, Why not, Be loves to be retarded, And is wowed by the dumbest things in the world. He needs to grow up, Not always picking fights with others. Poor KSI, He was bullied by a kid kazoo kid.

  • Logon is god

    I am pround to be a mavirick and i will always support the logang and all the haters should go back to givin ksi a hand job in the bush with the sidemen and i will sit there laughing and his tic tac while trying to not throw up maveric lover out

  • He Fucking Sucks

    Go Guchsjshhskd and then go WBU BX the event enxhu to vxhxu the just to let svzh bxhhdhhc the bed haha yeah CKD do ry hd yehd you tebud duehjhdd bxhhdhhc dhdhd sohdhdud ndhdid truck mdjdbeihrd ndhdid nfjdje to bxhhdhhc do ysjjesj nsvsvdbddhdh SBD DB eiegddhd DH thx DB h

  • Logan Paul is my homie G

    He is the best wrapper in the world and jacks me up everyday. According to the
    Hieronymus Bosch's The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things

    The Holy Spirit and the Seven Deadly Sins. Folio from Walters manuscript W. 171 (15th century)
    Emblem of the Papacy SE. Svg
    Part of a series on
    Catholic philosophy

    Aquinas, Scotus, And Ockham
    Natural law Personalism Social teaching Virtue ethics
    Augustinianism Molinism Occamism Salamanca Scholasticism Neo-scholasticism Scotism Thomism
    Early Modern[show]
    046CupolaSPietro. Jpg Catholicism portal

    Socrates. Png Philosophy portal
    The seven deadly sins, Also known as the capital vices or cardinal sins, Is a grouping and classification of vices within Christian teachings. [1] Behaviours or habits are classified under this category if they directly give birth to other immoralities. [2] According to the standard list, They are pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and sloth logen paul dosnt break any of them therefore he is a dank man and is LIT FIRE EMOJI FIRE EMOJI inser there gay meme

  • Thast my daddy

    Thats dad daddy dad dad dad dadi dadi dadi dadi daid
    da d a d da d d d d d d d a d a d da d a d d ad d da d a d ad DADDY daddt dad THATS DADDY DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD DADDYYY

  • He's a disgrace

    Especially a very bad role model. I'm not saying people should just all act like role models, But damn he is teaching the kids all the wrong things. He's a narcissistic maniac, All he cares about is fame, Even if it means achieving anything for himself at the expense of other people. If he wasn't hurting anyone, I wouldn't give a crap about him, But guess what? He is.

  • He is against my religion

    He called me gay once on omegle for wearing a fursuit. This saddened me deeply because I am only trying to rep my #FurPride and meet other #Furrtastic friends. If he didn't want to see furries he shouldn't have searched "My Little Pony". I am disgusted by his unusual cruelty and feel deeply saddened by it.

  • Because no man

    He did an oopsie this year so I oof'ded on his wisdom tooth after he yoted it out it an epic rage over not having enough vee brucks to buy the leviajdjerthan, And when I watch logen pall's vidyoes I scream tew my mummy and tell her to make me a sandwich

  • This happens when someone think he/she become famous and are privilliged to do whatever they want.

    I despise how he disgrace Japan. He is certainly being overly reactive in his videos and I find myself cringe. It's perfectly fine to do that or perhaps even that's what makes him popular. I'm trying to be unbiased but the things he does in the past, Draws me in to criticize him further. I should stop. If you become a millionaire just by being a youtuber, Doesn't gives you additional power to do whatever you want, Especially when you're not bound by your country's jurisdiction.

  • Not even if you paid me

    This man is the reason I believe the generation is doomed. He is a real as a kardashion and as honest as the president. His merchandise is bad that a knockoff may be better quality than his merch. I would rather buy a souljaboy console than give a penny to him.
    Now goodbye I have given him all of my attention

  • Id9d kbf q f

    Brf dvube q uwx 7 wg vj hva wsf er cuse ;sv bv n n h h h h h hh b iwf9e uerfh h iohd wcjd [ febrf 346bq3 t v v y84u cgf 6y y dhvdc gergdkzsh jsd ggu u w r uw yr gf wfiue gwerf uregu i he ruy r yi

  • Stinky he is stank

    He smells because he likes to wear animal jam stuff lol xd xd xd uwu why r u reading this get back to work u stinky monkey lolololo ladbyewguwrh uirhwerwerehhfh h h h h h h h h hh h i mom lol xd lol lol lol lmao ayyy y y

  • I nut a copuple times a day

    Step 1: Secure the keys. Reznov is punching you in the face, Soundtracked by bloodthirsty cheers. . . .
    Step 2: Ascend from the darkness. . . .
    Step 3: Reign Fire. . . .
    Step 4: Unleash the horde. . . .
    Step 5: Skewer the winged beast. . . .
    Step 6: Wield a fist of iron. . . .
    Step 7: Raise Hell. . . .
    Step 8: Freedom.

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