Do you, Like me, Think Australia is the worst country?

  • Australia is worse than a 4th world country!

    I hate Australia, As I have literally suffered sooooooo much racism, Like worse racism than all other countries racism combined! I can't wait to get the f**k out of here! Australia is by FAAAAAAAAAAR thee worst country on the face of this planet! Like I have even been told by total strangers that I am squinty eyes cunt! And that they will put me in the back of a gas chamber, All because I am Polish-Chinese! And I have even been locked in a psych ward for it! At least 3 times!

  • First World Country

    Obviously when you think the worst country on Earth, You'd picture South Sudan, Or Saudi Arabia, Or North Korea- countries where the people are truly oppressed by an insurmountable force, Like the Kim Dynasty in North Korea's case, Or even mere aspects like poverty in the Caribbean nations or institutional racism like the American Deep South during the Jim Crow Era. That being said, The people being rude in a country doesn't nearly make it the worst, In my opinion. Being called "cracker" doesn't make me despise my country, Much less rank it as the lowest on Earth.

  • No where near the worst

    Basically here's the thing, We don't have heaps of mass shootings, We are a very laid back people.

    Poland4lifeirishdance is a bit of a bitch, Because in Australia its important to know that we make fun of almost everyone and everything, Its called tough love, And by the way you can't complain about racism, Im indigenous Australian and the shit i have said to me is unbelievable, But if your entire argument is that a few people have hurt your feelings then you need to grow up. Think about it, What would you rather, A place where some people might hurt you feelings or a war torn country where people are poor and starving

  • No it is not the worst country

    No it is not the worst country because it is a good country. The country is financially stable, Relatively calm, Amazing landscape and people and compared to some other countries, It is amazing. It also is a great place to grow up as it has good education and it has lots of attractions.

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