Do you like medians on controlled-access highways?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Medians Help separate Traffic flowing on Oppsite Sides

    Medians on freeways, highways or controlled-access highways help separate the traffic that is on both sides of the median. If there were no median in the highway and an accident occurs on one side of the highway, the potential of that accident spilling over to the other side of the highway where there is oncoming traffic, would be greater than if there were no median. The median helps potential accidents from spilling over, and also prevent drivers who are under the influence from accidentally merging onto the other side of the highway. In addition, the highway serves as a means of free-flowing traffic; without a median, drivers may be prone to turn back to the opposite side of traffic if they missed their exit without taking the right precautions of taking the next exit instead. It would ultimately defeat the purpose of a free-flowing traffic on the highway by, ironically, giving more drivers freedom on the road to do what they want.

  • Hell to the yeah

    It has nothing to do with safety, because in a hypothetical scenario, if I wanted to crash the car on the other side of the median, I could (not saying that I would ever do that). So it has nothing to do with safety. There is just something so badass about dividers. When they're steal medians, it's as if I have balls of steel. Lol

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