Do you like new-style homes (yes) or old fashioned 19th, 18th century homes (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
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  • Older Homes Have Character & Beauty That Is Non-Existent In Modern Designs!

    Modern home designs are nice, but they lack character & beauty. They are technologically advanced boxes. The emphasis is always on convenience. There is no architectural beauty or style, literally no unique character influences. The older a home is, the more character & beauty you find. The Arts & Crafts period is a prime example. The Victorian era is another. Even a home that is 30+ years of age has more design character than a modern one. It's pretty amazing. I think, it's also why many buyers prefer to purchase an older property & refurbish it.

  • 19th, 18th century is just so beautiful and old fashioned.

    Yes for new style, no for old fashioned. Mind you, I like new style homes. Like the one I live in. But I like the older fashioned mansions. Very, very nice types of homes. You can't go wrong with that type. I think it's very nice style. It's more old school.

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