• Obama is a GREAT president..

    He is awesome, and people say he does nothing-- that is not true at all. First of all, his ideas have to go through this do-nothing congress, which is therefore nearly impossible to get anything done. AND SECONDLY HE HAS DONE SO MUCH!! Obama is a good man with good ideas, and its just these republicans that don't listen to anything and their only focus is to get him out of the office-- they don't even know what they're talking about. It is so ridiculous, and I just wish people could get a little more educated.

  • Obama Not So Great

    No, I do not like Obama as he has reneged on one of the tenets of his campaign promises; transparency. Had it not been for Ed Snowden, the US public would not have known about the extensive and illegal NSA wiretapping, and even worse, the wiretapping that was quietly signed in to law and not illegal.

  • Taking away our constutional rights, open borders, not defending our homeland. Lieing to the American people....Ect.

    Most all Americans want this POTUS out of office. There is plenty of tape or statements to back it up. If you like your healthcare you can keep it. Is just one. Allowing illegal imigrants into the country at a time ISIS has vowed to kill Americans on American soil. Now he wants everyones guns.

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