• Pizza is life!

    Pizza is the best food ever because there's literally a pizza for everyone! A veggie pizza for vegetarians! A cheese pizza for picky eaters! A meat pizza for meat lovers like me! A pineapple pizza for people who like mixing sweet with savory! A naan pizza for lovers of Indian cuisine! A pepperoni pizza for lovers of the classic style pizza! It doesn't matter if you're a vegetarian or not because there's a pizza for everyone! So in this case, it's unacceptable to not like pizza when there's a different pizza for everyone's taste buds!

  • Pizza is bae

    Pizza gives you 3 food groups in one bite. The tomato is part of the vegetable food group, The crust is in the grains group and the cheese is part of the dairy. These components also blend together to make a delicious snack. I love pizza and this is why.

  • Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

    If I was Oprah, I would just say "Pizza to you, pizza to you, pizza to everyone!" I mean, it's PIZZA. It's anything you want! From sausages to pineapples to even ice-cream (yes, ice-cream) and even oreos, pizzas are deliciously amazing, or amazingly delicious if you know what I mean ;)

    Posted by: Zedd
  • Pizza is an amazing superfood

    Pizza is one of my favorite foods, and one of the favorite foods of most Americans. Likely because the amount of ways it can be made can fit the tastes of a wide group of people. Everyone from vegans to pure carnivores can enjoy this Italian dish made famous in America by troops coming home from the Italian theater in WWII.

  • As long as it's not processed restaurant pizza or the McPizza McGarbage made in the 80s, absolutely

    Homemade pizza is the bomb. Pizzeria pizza is awesome too. When I say I hate restaurants, I don't mean locally owned, like was done since the old days, not like this New Money love for restaurants such as McDonald's (talk about an era of materialism lol). Anyways, real pizza is awesome. Frozen pizza is good depending on the brand you buy. Home Run Inn is the bomb!

  • I love pizza!!

    Pizza is one of my favorite foods. It tastes so much better than junk roast dinners. Pizzas taste awesome, especially when you have spicy pizzas.

    Pizzas are also more filling and are not to bad for you. Pizzas are one of the best foods, I love fast food, although it is not good for you, pizzas are ok and other fast food to have every so often.

  • Pizza is great

    Pizza is a awesome food. It has suchgood flavor and tastes so good. This piece of italion food is lots of peoples favorite food. You can eat this food at any time of day , it is easy to make, and you can order it from resteraunt. Pizza is the best food ever

  • Hey hey hey

    Hello! If you are reading this, then you have ended up at a retarded opinion that was spammed by the tremendously retarded child known to DDO simply as "STALIN". For the safety of your own brain cells, please do not vote on this poll or engage with STALIN in conversation, as his immaturity and half a**ed insults have been known to cause brain damage. Do not insult him or his opinions though, as he is known to be very hostile due to being raised by unloving parents who want nothing to do with him since she is an annoying idiot. If you do happen to run into another one of his opinions, simply copy and paste this warning label onto the comments section so that other users can be protected from his retarded spamming/acting out for attention. Thank you and have a nice day!

  • I Feel Like I'm Going To Throw Up When I Smell Pizza

    Seriously, I can not understand in the slightest how anybody loves pizza. When people find out I don't like it they act like I just pledged my allegiance to Satan. Pizza is absolutely disgusting in every sense. The scent is nauseating, The taste is god awful, It looks like literal shit, And it's so, So terribly greasy. While some people might like greasy food like that, It just tastes like absolute crap to me. Pizza is up there as one of the most disgusting things I've ever known. I signify most gross or unhealthy things with pizza to be honest. Germy little kids running around with grease and cheese covered fingers, Freaking adults shoving Chuck E Cheese slob into their mouths willingly, Any scene involving pizza absolutely disgusts me. I never have and never will understand the love for pizza.

  • Pizza is absolutely disgusting

    It’s excessively greasing, smells horrid, tastes badno matter what you do to the damn thing. There’s many other foods that taste 100x better and those are still just alright. I will never understand why the fuck people love pizza so fucking much. It’s like crappy bisquick or kraft mac and cheese- cheap easy food that tastes horrible.

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