• Yes, I do.

    I love the PS3 it has many great features. What I like most about it is being able to play online with friends and other strangers without having to pay for it. It also allows the use of watching DVD's and getting programs like Netflix and Hulu on it as well. It is great.

  • yes i do

    Here's the reason I'm a PC gamer but still I think that the PS3 is much better than the Xbox. I had a LOT of Problems with my Xbox 360 like overheating too quickly,or the disk is unreadable or even freezing and crashing in the middle of the game After 2 months I buyed it. And since I live in Europe it would cost a lot of money to repair my Xbox 360. My friend has a PS3 and he says the PS3 has so little problems that its almost unbelievable ! The only thing I liked about the Xbox 360 is the controller.Its really awesome.

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