• I do believe that rhyme poems are the best to receive.

    Rhyme poems are my past time fun.
    Just like any other poetry
    they make me wanna get up and run.
    There are reasons you see:

    One, the rhyming lines
    are easier to recall
    than rhymeless confines.
    You'll never need to stall.

    Two, the hearing
    of rhyme is much
    more endearing
    than regular Dutch.

    In final,
    rhyming goes back
    farther than vinyl,
    and is easy to track.

    In fact my favorite poem does rhyme!
    I'll let you judge to see if it is truly sublime:

    My candle burns at both ends;
    It will not last the night;
    But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—
    It gives a lovely light!

  • No I don't, and I think I won't.

    Rhyme poems are not my affliction
    So I realize my decrying is a contradiction
    But when you look at most rhymes
    The content is indicative of feeble minds

    In many rhymes the facts are removed
    to the point where only emotions are behooved
    And when the rhymes reflect only our feelings
    We send our critical thinking reeling

    Roses are red...Violets are blue?
    Isn't violet a color too?
    Isn't making sugar what plant's do?
    Photosynthesis is definitely true.

    I'd rather read about the big bang
    than the lyrics some petty rapper sang
    We could be reading about the atmosphere
    Instead of poems where facts disappear

    So instead of rhyme poems
    Try reading scientific theorems
    Avoid what poets use as a tool
    Read regular prose, don't be a fool.

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