• Minecraft Is Better

    Minecraft is better than both Roblox and especially Fortnite. Seriously, Forntnite is like the worst game in history, I just can't continue to talk about it because I am afraid I might get cancer. Also, Roblox is kind of crappy with it's graphics, While Minecraft's, Although it is all cubes, Look cleaner and more polished than Roblox's graphics. I will stand with Roblox with how Fortnite is utter trash, But I won't stand with it as being the best game ever.

  • Ok, I Can't vote,

    Both games are rally good, But here is why both games can be bad,

    Fortnite: The Community is kinda annoying, Calling everyone trash and the rage upon trying to get fortnite to be the best game, As well as that, Many players get banned for no reason

    Roblox: The Community and Devs
    The ODing Community is just disturbing, And the devs are kinda lazy

  • I like roblox

    I like roblox better because fortnite to me is kind of boring and i don't really have anyone to play with and im kinda bad. Roblox is better to me because you can play with people and buy stuff for your avatar and put stuff on your avatar and be unique.

  • Roblox is doodoo

    Fortnite is just a better made game, The roblox developers did like nothing all they did was make a website and then the community adds games and makes it fun then the developers that sit back and do nothing get paid a lot whereas fortnite has amazing devs and artists, Fortnite devs listens to the community better than any other game devs. Also there is more to fortnite than roblox considering it has two separate games in one and both have a lot of stuff in it

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