• Minecraft Is Better

    Minecraft is better than both Roblox and especially Fortnite. Seriously, Forntnite is like the worst game in history, I just can't continue to talk about it because I am afraid I might get cancer. Also, Roblox is kind of crappy with it's graphics, While Minecraft's, Although it is all cubes, Look cleaner and more polished than Roblox's graphics. I will stand with Roblox with how Fortnite is utter trash, But I won't stand with it as being the best game ever.

  • Ok, I Can't vote,

    Both games are rally good, But here is why both games can be bad,

    Fortnite: The Community is kinda annoying, Calling everyone trash and the rage upon trying to get fortnite to be the best game, As well as that, Many players get banned for no reason

    Roblox: The Community and Devs
    The ODing Community is just disturbing, And the devs are kinda lazy

  • I like roblox

    I like roblox better because fortnite to me is kind of boring and i don't really have anyone to play with and im kinda bad. Roblox is better to me because you can play with people and buy stuff for your avatar and put stuff on your avatar and be unique.

  • Roblox is better

    I like roblox better, Because theres a huge variety of games for a larger audience. But, Fortnite is just for people who like pvp and shooting games. Theres also shooting and pvp games on roblox, So fortnite is pretty much just boring and would get old after a while. But roblox on the other hand, Has a lot of games and you could switch game genres, Which would make it hard to get old.

  • Roblox Is cool

    Roblox is cool because it has about 3, 5000 games to play wow and there is pet games ;). I like all of the pet games and pvz games on roblox! And it is a miracle to get legendary pets in adopt me! That’s all for now, Bye roblox humans ;)

  • I agree Fortnite sucks

    Roblox is way better it has Waymore a game modes/games and it’s just like way more interesting like there’s not even a competition roblox is the three quadrillion times better there’s no way people are going to play Fortnite better it’s complete trash boring roblox is super interesting there’s so much things you can do

  • I Love roblox

    People say that roblox is for babies and fortnite is better but its not.
    I can't belive that there are very young players that play fortnite even if it s not age appropriate for them. MANY people spend alot of money and time on fortnite which is wrong, ROBLOX IS AWESOME

  • Lol I love you

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  • Roblox is better

    Roblox has a lot of games in roblox, While fortnite only has a few modes. Also, Fortinite is a game that was basiclly copied off another game. In roblox, You can make anything or any game you want. In fortnite, You can only build a few stuff. Also, Roblox has been around longer and has more players.

  • ROblox is Better


    i hope you now realize roblox is way more better then fortnite!

    Bai Peeps! :)

  • Roblox is doodoo

    Fortnite is just a better made game, The roblox developers did like nothing all they did was make a website and then the community adds games and makes it fun then the developers that sit back and do nothing get paid a lot whereas fortnite has amazing devs and artists, Fortnite devs listens to the community better than any other game devs. Also there is more to fortnite than roblox considering it has two separate games in one and both have a lot of stuff in it

  • Fuck off roblox

    Fortnite is popular than roblox because fortnite characters look so realistic and cool and has voice chat and kid friendly. The bad part about it is that there are some toxic dudes and creepy dudes. But it has voice chat and roblox only has regular chat and takes long to type and can die easily.

  • Roblox is just bullshit. Why are we even talking about this?

    Roblox is just a website for toxic 8-17 year old boys and girls. All they do is just play games(some that are which well made). The roblox community is just toxic and the moderators and devs don't give a SHIT about the complaints from fans in their games. Ok, Now all that is covered, Lets move to robux. The entire robux thing is just a game. So lets say you got 22k robux. And then you find something that is like 225k robux. This would cost you a shitload of money. Almost everything costs robux. This is a sign that the roblox corp. Is money hungry. Now lets move onto the hackers. These people lend in most of the roblox community into getting free robux. They might look real, But they are not. Normal free robux hack websites would have a human verification system. This is fake. Do not do it. Then you have the Online Daters. These people say they are cool and use robux to buy luxury like clothing. They then bully others for not having robux, And then date with others. These people can be a 40 year old child predator. ROBLOX IS NOT SAFE.

    My opinions about the agreements:

    1. Minecraft is better? This game has in game currency and there is scammers making videos of how to get free M-coins.

    2. What do you mean it's just full of shooting? Isn't that what the Battle Royale genre is?

    Until something happens to Fortnite, Fortnite will always be better than roblox.

  • Roblox is boring

    I used to love roblox. Now i just use it to text friends every now and then. Theres barely any good games and simulators are just taking over so theres really nothing to do on this very dumb kids game. Fortnite is way more fun by the fact that every battle is diffrent, Youll have diffrent skins, Constant updates, Live events. Roblox doesnt do that stuff for there community as good as fortnite does

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