• Yes roblox is good

    Roblox is the best it's better then minecraft because
    It's free
    It's fun
    It's a good way to play with your friends
    You make games and severs for free!!!
    There are minecraft games inside of roblox so you don't need roblox
    There are just some good example why roblox is good

  • (Me) In my opinion, I like roblox.

    Here are some reasons:
    - It is Free to Play
    - You can easily play games with friends
    - Easy to create games (excluding scripting) and manage them
    These are some of the reasons why I like roblox.
    - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Roblox IS good!

    Look, most people hate Roblox because of the community and "cringey little kids". To me, that's quite a stupid reason. Hide the chat! Use some voice chat service instead! Roblox hosts a wide variety of games and can be really fun at times! Why do you hate Roblox? You SHOULD like it!

  • I have played for so long and love it.

    Ever since I was a toddler, I loved to watch my older brother play ROBLOX, soon enough, I was 5, it was a pretty good opportunity to finally try it myself, so I did, BOOM! Well, been playing for 6 years now, and I still love it, if you just look past tiny problems, it's basically perfect!

  • Roblox is very fun

    Roblox has fun games with loads of creativity u can learn how to script build games with loads of players playing it so get started and begin ur adventure play games like Flood Escape 2, Jailbreak, Meep City and whatever u want! So be sure to play the game and design ur character

  • I've devoted my Life to Roblox

    I left my Wife of 25 years to pursue this beautiful game. I took out a mortgage for robux. Every night I dress up in my roblox costume, and play with my rectangular hands. I sometime forget the real world isn't roblox. I haven't showered in 3 months, and have lost my legs from sitting in a chair during a 3 week session. I continued to play roblox on my computer during the operation. I am a contrnt and happy man.

  • Roblox is good!

    ROBLOX definitely has its flaws, but if we look past them, there are many aspects of the game that make it enjoyable. It's free to play; It's a simple and fun way to spend time with friends online; And there is tons of room for creativity within levels that you can create. If we look past the somewhat negative parts of the game (like the community, online dating and consumerism with robux), and focus on the important parts, we can recognize that ROBLOX is actually a good game.

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  • Roblox is retarded

    You can buy minecraft you noobs. Roblox is like a low-budget, low-quality sandbox where you can argue with your fellow ten-year olds and pretend to be doing somethings produ9ctive. All game modes in roblox are retaqrded because theyre game modes for ROBLOX. Yall suck some fat ones if you playing Roblox son.

  • I hate ROBLOX

    ROBLOX is good, but here is why I hate it:
    1. There are online daters
    2. There are no Tickets (ROBLOX had a currency called Tickets/Tix but they removed it)
    3. You need Robux to buy things (e.G; clothes, items)
    Therefore, I say that I do not like ROBLOX and its flaws.

  • Stupid log outs

    I was playing Vehicle Sim, I have 2 million 7 hundred thousand dollars in it, and then BOOM. Next time I play Roblox, logged out. So I enter my password obviously and it's CHANGED!!!!!!!!!! What the!! That is so unfair... I had this Robux Generator Game too... NEVER PLAY ROBLOX ANYONE! It's not WORTH IT...

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