• It's a small town in the big city.

    I have really come to love Roosevelt Island over the past few years for its green spaces, trees, oddball landmarked buildings and for the passion of the people who live there. The promenade that encircles the island is a wonderful place to walk, and there are quite a few parks for such a small area. There are so many things that make it unique - the aerial Tramway not least among them! It's got its flaws (less retail than most NYC locations) but it has a very nice neighborhood feel and is getting better all the time.

  • A little piece of the Old World in America

    Ahh, the days when McGarbage didn't exist yet and people ate at home -- breakfast, lunch and dinner. Roosevelt Island is a great piece of the Old World in Manhattan itself. I love the streets, the street lighting. It's almost as if you're in a town in France or Germany.

  • No not really

    I have never been there, but from what I hear it doesnt seem to have much to offer,at least not nearly as much as Manhattan does! But I guess i would have to go there to find out exactly. Again, from the little I knwo about it, it kinda sucks.

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