• School is Vital

    School, as stressful and tedious it sometimes may be, is definitely a crucial part of any aspiring individuals' lives. To be able to fully experience the school curriculum, you have to be able to enjoy it, sometimes even having to learn to like it. My point is, if you want to be able to do well in life, if you want to get a good job and live a decent life, you need the education school offers. Besides, there are plenty of other enjoyable aspects of school besides the learning.

  • I love school

    - You can see all your friends
    - You (even if you dont realize it) become smarter and can underestand things better
    - Btw if ur stressed good luck in the real world. Just stay on top of things and you will be fine.
    - A key things to a succesful life.
    - Gets you exposed to types of jobs you may be interested in.
    And if you say you don't like school and that school is worthless, I'm sorry but your dumb.

  • Yes, for many reasons

    You can always learn something new, have fun, and not get bored. When I am on break, I usually just watch television. So Boring. When I go to school, at least I'm not bored. I use to hate school, but now I love school. At school I can play with my friends, but during long breaks like winter break, spring break, and summer vacation, I am like so sad because I can't play with my friends when I'm not at school. :(((( Even though school is sometimes boring, I find it pretty cool when I learn new things. For those people who hate school, you might get a horrible job in the future. For me, when school is over when I come home i cry like a baby, because school is out and I am sad about that because that means no friends to play with, no teacher, no school.

  • It is flowsome

    I like school because we have friends and later in future we get seprated because of are different goals in life whereas in school people can't differ
    in rich or poor as in collages and ahead many can school is fun and serious as school's are once in life time for many so we will.....................................Strive to achieve

  • School is great!

    I like learning in school because I'm in a special class and I get to learn advanced things. I also like how our teachers teach us things. I'm young, but in school they teach us to be very mature. Learning is a very important part of school because when you're an adult, you'll need what you learned in school. You can also learn that you have friends that you can count on. Seeing my friends is the best part of school, and that's why I like school so much.

  • It is best

    We love school because tits quiet fun to lay with our frirnds we can get more confidence of learning and also can improve our skills we can learmn and undestand the basic things of education that is what
    i am going to say as my opinion because i like school

  • It's fun like jeez

    I know calm down Vann, and I will be if you are looking for a while. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person who has a great day and I am not a big fan. The first

  • Yep i do

    School is fun and i like to read a lot and I might like school but if you were sick and you don't know what to do that is just stressful but i am not complaining I love to got to school because you may like it if you have good teachers every time.

  • I like it

    I've always liked school. I'm not sure if I can make a strong case for it, I just enjoy learning. I was homeschooled through 4th grade, then switched to public in 5th grade and have been doing that since then. I'm in 8th grade now and all my teachers are pretty good. I like all my classes except language arts, because it's boring.

  • I love school too much

    Most kids think that the school is not important and it's waste of our time but now i'm going to convaince them that it plays an important role in our lives and our future cuz it prepares us for real interesting life it helps us to find a good job moreover the teachers are friendly and understanding and their lessons are enjoyable add to that they helps us to understand new things and if we work hard yu will know things wonderful about our world however it's not about to get enough money in the future it's all about the knowledge

  • A bad experience.

    No, just plain and simply no. I could list reasons upon reasons for this judgement but I'm going to just stick with 'No, it was a horrifyingly bad experience that I never want to go through again'. It really was awful and the root cause for my anxiety, its not just me complaining that it's boring.

  • Hell no i don't like school

    Do you seriously think anybody likes to wake up at 6 in the frickin morning to go to this place. Like every time i go to school i feel like i'm in prison. Just think about it: both school and prison there's dress code, there's uniforms, you're restricted from your freedom, the confiscate your items and your electronics as soon as you get in there, the lunch is gross, its no fun, and on top of that both school and prison torture you with work. These are the reasons why i'm so angry when i come to school.

  • I hate it!

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  • No! And No!

    I only do it, because it is something I have to do in order to become successful. In highschool, I could remember moments where I could had spaz out, because of little things, but didn't. Eventually these little problems started to build up on each other and then I knew I hated school. No one said everyone should like school.

  • It's a Pain

    As a teen in high school, I can safely say that I dislike school very strongly. They pile so much work onto you and it causes so much stress. Finals and midterms are extremely stressful. I've pulled all nighters for homework and studying, and with homework and studying, I get 2 hours of sleep a night maximum during an average school week. There's also the fact of bullying, which is a real problem.. You also worry about fitting in, you don't feel good enough, you compare yourself to your peers.. There's also the people who disrupt the class and prevent you from actually learning. I also hate waking up at 5am, and going to school until 3. My brain doesn't want to pay attention for that long. The only things I enjoy from school is seeing friends, and marching/jazz/concert band. I'm very passionate about music.. I don't like school.

  • School is not the place for me!!!

    I dislike school because there is way too much pressure on kids and everyone is annoying. Teachers will get you in trouble for the most stupidest things ever. The other kids do not know how to mind their own businesses or they won't shut up. The lunches are disgusting and we only get recess for 15 minutes. There is too much homework so we could never have time for our selfs. That's why I hate school.

  • Of course not!

    School is too much pressure, too much work, no freedom, and yes, it felt a lot like hell! Guess what, I hate school! School (public school.) does not suit my lifestyle! I hate it when we get too much work (especially homework!), teachers putting too much pressure on us, and, we don't get any freedom in school! It's too much! The teachers are controlling us, and we get detention for no apparent reason!

  • Hated it then, hate the memories now

    I am not in school anymore, thank God, but I still have vivid memories. Those memories are not good, to put it mildly. I hated school with a passion. It was not just boring, it was a miserable experience that I felt was robbing me of my very life. Years have passed, and I still have back-to-school nightmares.

  • School is for dumb people

    I never go to school yet i still have straight A's i manage to get all my work done faster then my fellow college students this place is frolicking dumb and no one needs it only reason we have it is so we can get good jobs but if jobs don't require that much schooling then everyone could potentially be successful but because our whole lives we have been told were dumb just because our grades were bad like it is just dumb!

  • No I don't and yes I do

    I don't like school because I have to wake up early in the morning than sleep in late as I wish.
    Yes I like school. I get to talk with my friends and learn to be able to have a good life career ahead of myself. So I don't love school or hate it.

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