• Uniforms support the economic factor in a family

    People usually spend a lot of money on clothes. With a uniform, People need to buy less clothes since they have to wear the same clothes several times a week. This helps the family´s economic situation. Also, Uniforms are awesome! They don´t force you to struggle with your clothes selection everyday.

  • Wearing one outfit saves the bank

    I have worn a school uniform in 6th grade, And for broke kids like me, Uniforms are great! Not only are they simplistic and elegant, You won't stand out. I believe school uniforms can reduce bullying and set up a business-casual aesthetic for students to follow. Not to mention, You save money. You won't need to go back to school clothes shopping every year!

  • Bish you thought

    1. School uniforms aren't going to let kids express themselves.
    2. They're ugly half the time.
    3. We want to be able to enjoy what we wear and be happy; express ourselves.
    4. The cost is terrible.
    My mum has 6 kids. Thats about $790 a year.
    Uniforms are a waste of our money and time.

    jk but really.

  • They make getting ready easy

    I think people who hate uniforms don't have good uniforms. Some are bad, but some are very good. My school has several types of shirts, jackets, sports, and pants you can wear to school, but they are all very clearly part of the uniform. You can dress for the weather and buy whatever color/style looks best on you. Girls can wear pants and you can accessories however you like, so I don't think it takes away your identity. They are very comfortable, so I don't change when I get home. I also don't worry about what people will say if I dress a certain way (I hate shopping so most of my regular clothes are old and I don't have many clothes either). I also feel like a real scholar in my uniform. It's definitely true that your appearance has an affect on how you feel. For some people, the uniform might depress them, but I love it. The one major downside is the cost. I think uniforms should be free in public school.

  • I like How Schools have Uniforms.

    A school uniform teaches students to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance. Perhaps most importantly, a uniform means students don't have to worry about peer pressure when it comes to their clothes. When everyone is dressed the same, worrying about what you look like isn't so important. Interestingly, what most excites children going to school for the first time is usually their uniform. Every five-year-old can appreciate wearing a school uniform is a powerful rite of passage, and an equally powerful statement of belonging.

  • I like how uniforms look.

    Though, some school uniforms of the simpler variety are disappointing. (Namely, a polo shirt and khaki shorts.) I do wish our school had uniforms, so that I would have an excuse to wear them without having to be labelled as that one 'preppy kid'. Other than that, I don't care what other people wear to school, but I could see how uniforms for a school in a troubled neighborhood might be a necessity to aid in quelling gang-related violence.

  • Most people i know wouldnt want to get rid of our uniforms

    Sure they suck but man mufti days suck enough anxiety wise so i think doing that everyday i just wouldnt go. People judge everything. You dont need to give them more to laugh at you. Its normally the shy kids who think this. You dont hear them say it but most people like uniforms once they have em

  • Statistics don't lie

    Despite the fact that they aren't exactly thrilled about wearing uniforms, some students do recognize the benefits they offer. In the same survey, 54% of students said that having to wear a uniform didn't compromise their identity and 41% agreed that there seemed to be less gang activity at school as a result of the policy.
    Eighty-six percent of elementary school principals believe that uniforms are more cost effective compared to purchasing regular clothing.Nearly 47% of schools where more than three-quarters of the student population receives free or reduced price lunch require uniforms.

  • Comfortable and Fashionable

    My uniform consists of a white blouse, navy jumper, striped navy skirt and navy stockings or knee-length white socks. My uniform is extremely comfortable to the point where I sometimes wear it on weekends or during the holidays, if all my clothes are in the wash. It saves having to buy too many other clothes and they're the only clothes that I look good in.

  • I love my school uniform

    My school uniform is great I love it, it consists of: shirt tie black jumper (all to be tucked in) black blazer black socks and black leather shoes to be polished and smart. We never have non uniform days. We actually get detentions if our uniform is not up to scratch.

  • We shouldn't have to have someone tell us what we can and can not wear.

    Dress codes are good no arguing with that but uniforms are you kidding why should we have to look like everyone else we are all different who can see that when we are all looking the same no one can really tell what we like or who we are if we are all the same. . . Weren't we all taught that everyone is different well not when we wear the same thing as everyone else day in and day out. . . . BORING if you ask me. We all kinda want to have fun with what we wear but not like this: ( In fact, School uniforms are just wasting more parents` or students` money why should my parents have to buy some thing not even useful we only wear it to school and if we move schools what will we do with it well first place that comes to mind for me is the garbage and boom that's money wasted for what, What was the point to wear it for a year and it be wasted sorry but nope. WE SHOULD WEAR WHAT WE WANT ( but school appropriate).

  • School uniforms are stupid

    Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid s t u p i d s t u p i d s t u p i d s t u p i d s t u p i d s t u p i d s t u p i d s t u p i d

  • No more uniforms pleaseeeeee

    Kids should be given freedom with their clothes. They should be able to express themselves and be comfortable in their own skin. I don't agree with the uniform system, as we, as kids shouldn't have to wake up and wear the same thing every day. It made me feel uncomfortable.

  • I feel that kids should have the freedom to were what they want.

    When you have the freedom to where what you want to you have to have a dress code. There are days where it is murky and hot and those thing are so tight. Also you are wasting water because if they only give you two pairs you might have to wash them every two days

  • No uniforms for students!!

    They take away our individuality and are pretty uncomfortable especially for tomboys who have to wear skirts or vice versa for boys. All in all they are a bad idea. They are outdated, ugly, and not to mention EXPENSIVE. Not everyone can afford buying a school uniform, and some schools don’t offer financial support for that kind of stuff.

  • What happend to child rights!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its meant to be free education but you cant get an education without BUYING uniform It also takes away the right to individuality when wearing uniform were all the same but when were not in uniform we are free to be who we want to be
    Are you going to try and do something or are just going to sit there and stop some kids going to school?!!

  • They are sh*t

    I fucking hate school uniforms. They are unfashionable and dated. I would rather my uniform be a very short miniskirt and tight blouse. Being the maverick I am, I want to stand out, not look the same as everyone else. Also the rules are extremely inflexible and I hate that.

  • It is terrible

    People say uniform is the way to stop bullying because some people can't afford nice clothes but the thing is in school uniforms are so unflattering. They are expensive to, my uniform all together costs over £160 each year for everything required and then i go to school feeling uncomfortable and know people will be rude to me because i don't look as good as everyone else.Uniform is not something where you can say i broke it or i lost it you have to go buy it again unlike if you could wear your own clothes. Also it just causes more problems in school it takes the teacher 20 minutes to sort out uniform like that my valuable education time being wasted i have my gcse's this year get on with it. I feel as though I'm required to be like everyone else when in relatiy you should be learning how to be yourself before you go into the ' real' world.

  • Because i would have to change every time i come home and i would not be i would not be able to express my self

    Because i would have to change every time i get home and i would not be able to express my self and it would not be cunftrbel Tarbell and a wast of money and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and

  • Useless and pointless

    It will increase school pride they said. Pfft. Please. That filthy things made me hate my school more. Imagine waking up in the morning and you reaised it's Monday. On weekends, you can wear just a shirt and a trousers but on Mondays, you have to wear that garbage. Ugh. Makes me wanna climb the Himalayas and scream on top of my lungs.

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