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  • Uniforms create uniformity.

    Looking at the no debates people seem to be either complaining like children about the discomfort caused by some materials or complaining that they can't dress more "individually" which often pertains to them wearing immodest clothing or dressing like criminals. The argument against uniforms is the same argument against society and civilisation: well I'm sure those people whom argue for such will know in time that the world is a much safer and nicer place when spent in agreement with others. Still so many so called adults arguing against that shouldn't be allowed to breed for they clearly won't be able to teach their children the realities of society and the world.

  • Statistics are behind them, I wore one for 12 years as a student, And as an adult in healthcare, Am currently educational research major.

    For people who believe that uniforms are more expensive, I beg you to compare prices of a regular polo shirt from Kohl's or WalMart (places that do go on sale) to their prints or popular "brand" shirts. Comparing them to actual name brand shirts is just laughable. Even a fake Supreme hoodie is in the upper $40 USD. Additionally, You only need to buy at most 5 uniforms, One for each day of the week. With regular clothing, Your child just keeps wanting new and more stylish things. Just like you.
    In fact, Studies show that when they have to wear regular clothes to school, They are more likely to want name brand clothing because they will be judged for not having them. You see this in new toys that come out as well, Not just clothing. This is nothing new.
    Fads have been sweeping this consumerist nation of ours for generations, And we breed our children to believe that having these things makes us better than others. This stems from the same socioeconomic pressures adults face to have the nicest car, Biggest home, Or even wear name brand clothing themselves. This is one of the major issues uniforms in schools wishes to combat.
    In many work situations, Healthcare for one, Uniforms are a welcome de-stressing entity. They eliminate confusion between employee and patient, And they provide a clean and comfortable attire that I can customize in color, Print or pattern. They offer a set of clothing I feel comfortable burning after someone has bled all over, Vomited all over, Or something else-d all over me at work that day.
    School uniforms do the same. Uniforms come in many different colors and styles, So I do believe a wide majority of these should be available to students, Not just one shirt, One color, One shoe, Etc. Uniforms should offer a child comfort in many forms, Not just physically, But also socially. Wearing something "stupid" was most definitely the easiest way to attract unwanted bullying attention when I was a child, And from what I have researched, It still seems one of the first factors of why a child is chosen to be picked on. Comfort is the number one complaint of the student, And cost the number one complaint of the parent. Both of these can be easily combated with implementing the correct uniform.
    As for freedom of expression, I believe this can also be easily implemented with colors, Patterns, Accessories, And styles of the uniform. Everything doesn't need to look the same, But if it all COSTS the same, There is no VALUE DIFFERENCE to focus on.
    Limiting choices has also shown to be a proven method of not overwhelming a child. Even with a regular wardrobe, Many parenting books suggests laying out only two outfit suggestions for your child to pick from. Allowing them more focus for choosing things like the right answer on the test.

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    School uniforms create equality. . . .
    School uniforms reduce crime. . . .
    School uniforms promote learning. . . .
    School uniforms instill pride, Unity and school vanity. . . .
    School uniforms like those worn at American Preparatory Academy in Las Vegas improve discipline and attendance.
    More items. . . •Feb 26, 2019 yes i like uni form s

  • They are good

    I am comfortable in uniform, After fishing my senior level I then only realized that I did not have a lot of clothes like other kids in my class. So it kept me out of things like what to where and what I look like, Because we all looked the same

  • School is for work

    I often find myself caring about what I’m wearing way too much and I just think it would be easier if we could just not have to worry. I like how school uniforms look but I understand how you can’t really show your personality. So I’m kinda on both sides.

  • Uniforms support the economic factor in a family

    People usually spend a lot of money on clothes. With a uniform, People need to buy less clothes since they have to wear the same clothes several times a week. This helps the family´s economic situation. Also, Uniforms are awesome! They don´t force you to struggle with your clothes selection everyday.

  • Wearing one outfit saves the bank

    I have worn a school uniform in 6th grade, And for broke kids like me, Uniforms are great! Not only are they simplistic and elegant, You won't stand out. I believe school uniforms can reduce bullying and set up a business-casual aesthetic for students to follow. Not to mention, You save money. You won't need to go back to school clothes shopping every year!

  • Bish you thought

    1. School uniforms aren't going to let kids express themselves.
    2. They're ugly half the time.
    3. We want to be able to enjoy what we wear and be happy; express ourselves.
    4. The cost is terrible.
    My mum has 6 kids. Thats about $790 a year.
    Uniforms are a waste of our money and time.

    jk but really.

  • They make getting ready easy

    I think people who hate uniforms don't have good uniforms. Some are bad, but some are very good. My school has several types of shirts, jackets, sports, and pants you can wear to school, but they are all very clearly part of the uniform. You can dress for the weather and buy whatever color/style looks best on you. Girls can wear pants and you can accessories however you like, so I don't think it takes away your identity. They are very comfortable, so I don't change when I get home. I also don't worry about what people will say if I dress a certain way (I hate shopping so most of my regular clothes are old and I don't have many clothes either). I also feel like a real scholar in my uniform. It's definitely true that your appearance has an affect on how you feel. For some people, the uniform might depress them, but I love it. The one major downside is the cost. I think uniforms should be free in public school.

  • Limiting childrens potential

    Children shouldn't be forced to wear school uniforms. They don't allow children to express themselves creativly. Then school uniforms usually cost quite a lot and some families might not even have enough money to buy them, Since multiple studies have shown that these uniforms usually cost more than 100 dollars, And that they need to be replaced very often considering children will be wearing them. There have been multiple articles talking about this, For example ecnmy. Org released an article about school uniforms and how about 95% of parents think that they are useless (95% being debateful, But still provides sources for multiple remarks). Then these uniforms won't change any bullying problem because the clothes aren't the only reason these people are being picked on. Then the clothes are usually very boring and not up to fashion standards, And can make children insecure about how they look. A better alternative than one school uniform is to have several choices with different designs, Materials and costs. Also, Hoodies are pretty nice.

  • No school uniforms

    They suck. When i went to kindergarten i had to wear uniform. It no good. SO UNCOMFORTABLE! Plus, Kids feel like they be under a dictator. And waste of money. My uniforms used to be SO CHEAP! Tore on the third day. Spent way too much money on this waste

  • School Uniforms are bad.

    School uniforms are ugly and it is most likely what the kid wants to wear. The kids should be able to wear what they want and be themselves. They should be free to express what they like by wearing stuff that they want to wear and what they think is cool.

  • No School Uniforms

    I don't think kids should have to wear them. They should be able to wear whatever fashion they want, (while making sure it is "school appropriate". ) Kids should be taught that they can be themselves and not be just like other people. They should wear what they want to wear.

  • Way too uncomfortable to wear

    Kids are balls of energy. They don’t need some whacky clothes weighing them down and tire them out. It’s enough parents spend too much money on them, And kids are denied their self-expression as well. But if you command us to make uniforms, Why make us tuck our shirts in and wear them so uncomfortably?

  • They Go against the First Amendment

    It restricts freedom of speech. Just look at the Tinker case for example. Also kids at other school make fun of you. Imagine not being able to pick your own style and be yourself. You are forced to conform to the schools standards. If I had a school uniform I would be miserable and not want to try at school. I would want to move to another school.

  • It is stupid

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  • Freedom of Expression

    I believe that students should have the right to express how they feel through their clothings students already have to listen to the school board of telling them waht they can and can't do during school hours I believe that student should have the right to wear what they want.

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  • They cost too much

    Children keep growing and so do the prices for school uniforms. On top of this, Most schools have a variety of uniforms for different seasons and activities. During the seasons they might have to get a cap and some roman sandals, Even if they do not like it, Plus for their sports gear, And maybe some might have training gear for their sports.

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