• I think sketchers look so dope 😎😎😎

    Are you serious. I'd be my brothers female dog before wearing dem Jordans. I mean, there is a guy in mid air doing the splits. What if his pants broke and you could see his penis. That wouldn't be very funny, now would it? Also, why they got that high heel junk at the back of dem shoes bru???? Why??? My momma wears those shoes everyday and they don't cost 200 dollars like those ugly add Jordans do. Now, those sketchers light ups make me want to scream. I've realized why I haven't committed suicide yet and that is be caused I was destined to frick those shoes. The first time I saw those shoes and watched light up, I went all Lil Pump on that junk and sang Gucci Gang. That "s" in sketchers stands for super and that j in Jordans stands for...... Juggler. Only Jugglers wear Jordan's. You want to know what I think of Jordans?? I think their new name should be jack hole Jordans, dude I would rip those shoes apart and feed them to my dog. Then, my dog would end up throwing up and I would take a crap on the remains. Jordans look all fancy and junk but do they light up??? Nun uh dude, nun uh. Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang. Sorry about that, I just couldn't contain my excitement about getting dem sketchers right there dude.

    Posted by: Mr.P
  • They are way too ugly

    You are crazy if you think Jordan's aren't better. Most sketchers are fake and off brand. They are the reason that people talk about shoes. Who wants some shoes that glow up in the dark. People who where Jordan's have a better shoe game. How could anyone say sketchers are better. It's the worst brand.

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