• Life is meaningless.

    In the end we all die. Eventually the whole world will forget that we ever existed. Our lives are meaningless this is awesome, because it means we can live however we want. Life is absurd and you could die at any minute. No matter how healthy you are you still die in the blink of an eye to the world. So if you want to smoke go ahead and smoke it doesn't really matter what you do anyways.

  • Sure as hell do

    I love it, it relaxes me and makes me feel better. Is there anything wrong with that? Sure it can cause death and such but I live by a motto of "Live young happy and free, for I wont grow old and unhappy". I want to live my life to the fullest when I am young, because you only live once.

  • Kills people and harms all that use it

    It's addictive and unpleasant. It harms the user and all those non smoker's to have hang around (including children). Hundreds of thousands die from it every year, sone from second hand smoke. The smell is horrendous and it also stains teeth and nails. It's an absolutely repulsive habit. I don'tllike it and the world would be better without smoking.

  • It will affect health.............

    Smoking is indeed very bad. I really hate people smoking. It is really a slow killing of a person. I urge the fact that every people in this world should stop smoking this cigarretes. It can easily cause cancers. I wish to tell them an important fact that when you are smoking you are killing yourselves. So that everyone should stop smoking.........

  • Do you want to die?

    Go ahead stick that death stick in your mouth. It only consists of 4,000 chemicals which harm every single part of your body. It also can only cause 11 cancers. Whats the big deal? You idiots who smoke are putting carbon monoxide, nicotine, tar, arsenic, ammonia, hydrogen CYANIDE, CYANIDE, acetone, DDT, formaldehyde, LEAD, Polonium and many more deadly ingredients. Your basically committing suicide.

  • Smoking Kills You

    Smoking not only kills you slowly, but it increases medical costs over time. With the money we spend on smoking and its subsequent health care costs, we can solve poverty, homelessness and hunger very quickly. Smoking is a horrible way to spend money and a horrible way to spend a life. Tobacco growers can turn to other cash crops and feed the world instead of burning it.

  • Smoking is gross

    Smoking is a bad habit and I hate it when people smoke around their children. I understand if the parents want to harm themselves but they are harming the children more. How can we live life to the fullest with all this cigarettes everywhere. I think people should smoke only in their homes so that way they are only harming themselves. I know there are other things in the world that hurts health but I just can not stand the smell of cigarette smoke. Plus second hand smoke kills more. I also hate it when smokers litter. Throw your butts in an ash tray. Also there is an ash tray in your car so put your butts in there when you are done smoking instead of littering the environment with this nasty butts. It just does not make any sense to me when smokers smoke in the car but hold their cigarettes out the window like its going to contaminate the car.

  • Smoking is pointless

    All smoking does is kill. So why do it? Plus it is expensive and gross. Why would you want someone close to you who is killing themselves slowly and endangering the people around them. I get smoking can relive stress or some other dumb excuse but there are other ways to help.

  • Smoking can't be a habit

    Smoking is one of the worst habit of world. People of world know that it is the worst it could be cause his/her death. They did not stop at all. Cigarettes contain nicotine which can cause cancer. Cancer's final result is death. I want to question all the smokers "Why do you all smoke? Is it give you a new life?" They all must be know cigarettes only causes death, nothing else.
    For smokers smoking not only they but also die others who live around him or her. Cigarettes are just waste of moneys. If we all save all the money which we spend for cigarettes we could donate them for good work.
    So, let us get together. To help those who are wanted to eject the cigarettes. Let us get together to ban the cigarettes like Norway.

  • Why waste your life over a roll of paper?

    When you smoke you are practically wasting your life. I say smoking is a terrible thing.Unlike mister bitter over there. He says life is meaning less! Think of all the good things you could do with your life if you don't smoke. And what about the little kids that are also getting affected by the smoke? Your wasting their lives too, practically over 1000 die each month and they are not using Tabasco! What about them? So to sum it up you are not wasting your life, but also everyone else's.

  • My personal opinion

    I, personally don't agree with smoking because of all the harm it can cause to you whether it is physically or mentally. But who am I to judge? Its your life and your choice to make all I want to say is that even though it may give you pleasure or make you fit in their are always other, even better solutions to do then smoke

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