• Just leaning yes

    Can't say I'm a huge fan, but I've been on there for a couple of years now. It's an opportunity to engage in political conversation with mostly very biased and incredibly prickly people. Sometimes the conversation is good. That's why I'm still here. But most times it's not. That's why I joined this site.

  • Social Media Debate Site

    The concept behind is intriguing--people can earn ranks for being better debaters. However, the pop-up ads and long scroll on the front page seems a bit cluttered as if different aspects of the site are begging for attention. It's too busy, but the idea is nice where someone can attain different ranks on the site based upon how well a person argues a point.

  • It's interesting to know what others think at a glance

    While does not give very detailed information on opinions, as it is a poll website, it does allow you to see what others like you think about different topics. These topics can be political or fashion or anything. is a fun website, with a little bit of an educational aspect as well. One could learn a lot about general views.

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