Do you like speed debating on DDO? (30 minute or less rounds)

Asked by: ForSerious
  • Quick Return, Less Fuss

    If prefer 30 minute rounds over 3 day rounds.
    With three day rounds I feel pressured to write fully developed and supported arguments. Also with three day rounds, there is a large gap between my speech and my opponent's speech. During this gap I've been debating different topics and generally moving on with my life. By the time my opponent gets back to me it feels random.
    I understand the risk of 30 minute round debates. Forfeiture surely happens at a higher rater. But anything higher that 30 minutes would be difficult to finish in a single sit down.
    Anyone want to speed debate with me?

  • Way too short.

    The primary reason why I like to debate online is because I do not feel the pressure of having to respond right away. I like to analyze my opponent's arguments in great details in order to address them and I also like to refine my own arguments as much as I can before I post them. I take the time to do my research

    Plus I do not type that fast so 30 minutes would not be enough even if I knew exactly what I was going to write.

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