• It helps in globalization

    Back then when measurements were made based on body parts (a cubit, a span etc) everyone had a different measurement depending on their body. Then the imperial system was invented and people could agree on how long something was exactly. After that came the metric system which was more scientific and easier to work with. Every country in world uses the metric system today except for the US, Liberia and Myanmar (although they're planning on reverting to this system in accordance to standardized measurements worldwide). This makes communication so much easier when everyone uses the same system.

  • What about cooperation?

    If everybody use single type of measure marks... One someone say metre... Everybody will know what's metre. But if metre mean different for anybody... This could create misunderstandings between people. Therefore ... Standards are good thing because they help for people to cooperate one with another. Standards help us to work on common projects.

    Posted by: anzo
  • We are too obsessed with to be able to measure everything including the value of a person.

    I agree standards are very useful for communication and cooperation in the case of length, weight, etc. But I don't like the other side that standards represent. I think we are too obsessed with bringing our measuring sticks to every matter we encounter. We really like measuring each other's competence in terms of grades at schools, degrees at university, work position, income, how many friends we have, how confident we are, etc. But these don't represent the value of each of us. Often in this case, the measurements are based on the assumption of those who are at the top of the social hierarchy.

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