• Proves it's overrated.

    I have heard of bad movies going straight to DVD but this went straight to online. To me, Seth Rogen has no talent, in front or behind the scenes. This was my opinion long before he even started this movie and I have no intention to watch it ever. It seams to me that they knew this movie sucked the moment they finished it. That it would be so bad that word of mouth would keep people out of the theater seats. I would not doubt that made the whole scandal thing up just to gain publicity. I also would not doubt that the reason why theaters did not want to show it had more to do with how bad it was and had nothing to do with threats. What is even more silly is how people started claiming things like censorship or freedom of speech as if this movie was reveling governmental secret. It's a stupid comedy about a tv show host who is hired by the government to kill the leader of North Korea. This is like how some girls think that not being allowed to wear a mini-skirt is against women's rights. The fact that they skipped it going straight to DVD and went right to the internet just proves they had no faith in the movie and just want to move on to their next project.

  • Yes, I do like that "The Interview" was released online.

    Yes, I do like that "The Interview" was released online. I think that this choice was better than not releasing it at all. I know that it took a lot of guts to release it at all but with the backlash against them, Sony really did not have much of a choice.

  • The Interiew Comes Full Circle

    I suppose that considering the hacks and threats that initiated this whole overblown scandal with "The Interview" originated online, it makes a certain sense and symmetry for it to be released on line in the end. Even more logically, Sony, the actors, and everyone else involved with the film must be happy at this point merely to have viewers at all. Given the threats of violence to public places playing "The Interview," they would want to court possible customers who would otherwise be scared away by offering viewings in less public spaces (e.g. online).

  • A bold move

    By doing this, the United States is making a statement to radical North Korea. No foreign nation can hold our constitutional rights hostage with threats. Releasing the movie in theaters and online is saying,"Hey, we don't negotiate with terrorist and we will practice our free speech." Our rights are far more valuable than complying with a dictatorship

  • An interesting experiment

    Since the advent of streaming people have wondered if there is a viable way to bypass theaters and television straight to streaming and still make a significant amount of money. There are many types of movies that just aren't being made anymore because movie goers don't want to spend money to go to a theater and watch a movie that isn't an action packed spectacle with exceptions of course. There are many movies that are great that don't make money in theaters because people want to watch them in the comfort of their own home. I'm a big bearded full grown man I'm not going to watch a romantic comedy in theaters or a movie that might make me cry. Hey it happens. Unfortunately dvd sales are not very high in revenue if the interview even manages to break even on streaming platforms this opens the door to modest budget movies like dramas and comedies to use this platform while having a limited theater release.

  • No, I don't like that "The Interview" was released online

    No, I don't like that "The Interview" was released online, for the simple reason that I'm certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's a really terrible movie. Those guys have been making awful, sophomoric movies for years now, and just because they got into some high-profile, vaguely political showdown won't change my opinion now.

  • No, I do not like the fact that "The Interview" was released online.

    I think that releasing "The Interview" online was a bad idea. It makes it appear as if the threats surrounding the movie were a hoax or marketing ploy instead of something serious. It is my opinion that the movie was made in poor taste and that it should have been cancelled completely.

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