Do you like the Baptist religion? Why/why not?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Baptists are super cool.

    As a Catholic, I disagree theologically with Baptists on several points. That said, in my experience, Baptists are some of the friendliest, most hospitable people I have met. I have several good friends who are baptists and I appreciate the humanitarian work of Baptist church. I think Christians should focus more on our similarities than on our differences, because for the most part, we agree on a whole lot.

  • A Christian is a Christian no matter what kind

    It's like calling someone of a different race not human. At the end of the day you still human doesn't matter what kind. The idea some thing is inferior because is was created from a similar topic but I'll say again at the end of the day is practically the same thing is ridiculous. In other words you may be different than me but we a breath the same air

  • Because it is false.

    Almost all protestant churches are mere offshoots of Catholicism.They cannot possibly be the *ONE* true church founded by Christ.I seriously want to know how a church that was founded atleast 1600+ years after christ's death, has no unbroken line of apostolic succession can claim to be authentic and true.

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