Do you like the design of the Xbox series X console?

  • Ya man :)

    YA ITS VERY GOOD I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD BUY IT. Oops sorry for all caps, Did not notice. Anyway, It is actually better than PS5. Xbox has a very nice interface. Sony's ps4 is just bad, Because it always powers out every like 30 minutes. So in short, If you like gaming, XBOX IS REALLY THE BEST OPTIOUN YOU HAVE.

  • At Least It's Better than PS5

    Alright, The controller looks totally fine, But the console itself is okay. It's a bit weird to have the disc slot in that location, But at least the ventilation is in the right place. The PS5 controller I really like, But the actual PS5 console looks too futuristic, Almost like a WiFi router. However, The Series X console looks a lot like my WiFi router.

  • Yes it is

    I definetly agree. It is way better than PS4. Plus it is a great improvement which I really like. What is so bad about the design? It is very compact. It also does not freeze or power out that frequently that PS4 does. So, In short, XBOX ONE X DESIGN IS DA BEST

  • Its a good improvement

    I really like the design; it is a great improvement from the previous versions of xbox. Also, It is much faster internally, And also the range of the controllers is more. So, In short, It is a good thing because of the good design that the xbox has. . .

  • It is too industrial looking.

    It literally looks like a tall box. At the very least, The PS4 has a nice angular design going into it, And the PS5 has some nice curves. And it has that alien look. As for the new XBox, It's literally as its name suggests: a box. And an ugly black industrial box at that.

  • Placid Visuals, Power Advantage Minimized, Virtually No Exclusives to Carry It

    Sony is going into this generation with significant advantages in terms of user support, So even if the Xbox is a stronger console in terms of raw hardware output, Sony would not suffer. Developers, Wanting their games to reach the widest audience, Would undoubtedly put out a PS5 version regardless of hardware differences just because it's guaranteed to sell tens of millions of consoles, Perhaps even in the first half year, Just because of the PS4's success.

    Xbox also has few big budget exclusives, And let's be real, Outside of the relatively small "core gamer" audience, People are largely more concerned about the value proposition of more exclusive titles. Xbox's hardware advantage means little if Sony has a ton of games that Xbox doesn't. If Xbox division is holding their cards close to their chests, Perhaps this will change. Otherwise, The first year of Xbox seems to be largely characterized by Game Pass, Multiple versions of the Xbox Series, And a couple of big budget titles with rocky histories (Halo under 343's management isn't drumming up a great deal of enthusiasm).

    That and the console itself just has no pop and relies heavily on it's "Smart Delivery" service. Microsoft has built an infrastructure for console-to-PC merging of libraries, Saved games, And other features, And THAT'S where their big potential win is at. They seem to be largely leaving the average console player behind, However, In favor of winning over the PC crowd.

    Will it work? Probably not, Historically that approach hasn't done that well compared to the simple "have console, Play video games" angle the PS4 took.

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Shamayita says2020-06-12T18:14:39.113
Sort of. . . Its cool imo.

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