• I like the ring given to Nicki Minaj.

    The ring just seams to big to wear all the time, But other then that it is beautiful. Shiny and silver, with that diamond and it does not come across as gaudy to me. I think it looks good on her and she seems happy with it. Her opinion is the one that really matters.

  • Nicki Minaj's new engagement ring is beautiful and unique.

    Kudos to Nicki Minaj and her fiance Meek Mill for choosing a unique and striking engagement ring with a heart-shaped design. Celebrity engagement rings featuring big, expensive rocks are as common as the sunrise, so it is nice to see this happy couple chose something a bit off the beaten path.

  • No way, its ugly!

    It looks so tacky! Almost like a fake ring u find in a cereal box! Honestly! If my husband had money like that, he would be buying me CLASSY jewelry, that actually looks elegant and good!

    Its such an expensive ring! Diamonds outlining the gem and everything! Spending money on THAT thing is a waste!

  • No, I don't like Nicki Minaj's engagement ring.

    No, I think the ring Meek Mill gave Nicki Minaj is ugly. It is clunky and looks as if it could've come out of a 25 cent machine. I can only imagine how much it will get in the way of everyday activities. It is ostentatious, and not in the good way, a style that Nicki sometimes pulls off. Not this time, sadly.

  • It's almost the opposite of what I would want.

    Of course it's not a bad engagement ring if she loves it, but since the question only asks how it pertains to my taste, I don't like it at all.

    I much prefer daintier rings, with a bit of an antique look, and I'm not a fan of sliver or (and I know this is weird) diamonds. And though the stone is big, the style isn't very intriguing considering the money they had to work with.

    Considering what I know of Minaj though, I don't think she'd like my taste either, and it wouldn't suit her. We just have different styles, hers being more modern and flashy.

  • Haven't seen it

    Haven't seen it and I can only imagine that it is hideous and probably cost about 6 million dollars. Further more, who really cares about an engagement ring of two people nobody personally knows. We are so hung up on celebrities lives its crazy. They are great entertainers but I personally don't care about her ring.

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