Do you like the fashion during the 1700s in France?

  • Setting the stage for refinement ...

    I think the fashions were lovely IF YOU WERE UPPER CRUST! To me, the fashion in France in the 1700s brought to light an aristocratic people trying to become more refined and less barbaric. Just my opinion. At least it was a start! Unfortunately, things did not end well with the French Revolution, so maybe it was back to square 1!

  • It's not really my thing

    I'm more of a jeans and t-shirt guy than anything else.

    The fashions of 1700s France (at least for the aristocracy) were very extravagant. This is not the type of fashion that I enjoy. I don't have a problem with that type of fashion for other people, but its not something I care for personally.

  • It's just the most unfortunate look.

    1700s French fashion is similar to 1970s American fashion in the sense that it's hilariously awful. Women so draped in multitudes of clothing that they look like walking ads for fabric shops. And the wigs, oh my goodness, those wigs. I can't imagine how many poor birds smacked into some of those towering creations during that time period. Considering where they started from, it is indeed amazing that the French eventually came to represent high fashion.

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