Do you like the Jacksonville Jaguars' new uniforms?

  • New Look for Jaguars is Better than the Old One

    The changes are subtle yet effective. I think the old uniforms were pretty bad. Remember when the Jaguars and Carolina Panthers came into the league? Both teams had some type of teal/turquoise/black motif going on, and both were named for large north American felines. Anyway, I am not a big fan of the color teal on a football uniform. One positive on the old Jags uniform: the all black alternates.

    So the big change with the new Jag uniform is they got rid of the gold piping and coloring. They also seem to have adjusted the teal color, it looks slightly bluer. We'll see about those sparkly helmets.

  • awesome new uniform

    The jaguars new uniform is cutting edge and great. I like the use of the black and gold. I do not however like the new logo. The old Jaguar head was much better. This new one is not as good. The helmets are very exciting too, I like the ombre look.

  • Nice color scheme.

    Yes, I rather like the look of the Jacksonville Jaguars' new uniforms by Nike. The cyan blue and black color scheme is pleasantly retro, and is appropriate for field, photo-shoots, or for an afternoon garden party with a gathering of hipster thespians. I especially like the black and gold gradient helmets, which remind me of my early attempts to create logos in Photoshop for my first html website (circa 1997). The new uniforms are certainly a step up from the old ones, which were practical, but lacking in style.

  • Yes I like the new uniforms

    Yes, I think that the Jacksonville Jaguars did the right thing in getting new uniforms, and the new uniforms make the players more striking and more marketable. I think that the new uniforms will help to make the Jaguars more of a noticeable team, and will help to promote and sell their uniforms.

  • Black Uniforms are Intimidating

    Teal make the team look soft, Come on people Teal is for colored eggs on Easter., and they already have a soft ass team in Carolina . Jags need to stick with all Black and Black Helmets . We know all black is a marketing hit , Fans will buy your uniform Jerseys if it is black even if they are not a fan. The other uniform should be all white with Black helmets.

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