• New facebook layout is a lot better

    I remember what Facebook look like six years ago - it was a total mess. I could actually compare the mess of old facebook to bebo and myspace combined. Facebookers back then couldn't really navigate through the website as whole.

    The recent update (April 2013) has shown that Facebook is becoming more than just a social media but more like an online interactive social homepage. Timeline is now a lot better, clearer and sensible than the first versions. I think these people who whine about facebook changing all of the time, stuck it up, would you rather to stick with the 2008 version of Facebook? Would you rather to get stuck in a messy social media with no considerations to update the website throughout the time? Would you rather to interact with people in a limited social media? No. No. No. Remember the first version of Facebook Mobile? It was terrible and unbearable, and now it is fantastic! Facebook is rapidly advancing into the future and we all should appreciate every updates!

    And oh, would you like to stick with iOS 1 for iPhone 5 or Android 2.0 for a Samsung Galaxy S4? No. No. No. Stop complaining, guys!!!

  • No, definitely not.

    Granted, I don't use Facebook a lot, but I logged in this morning and I am utterly perplexed. I have no idea where anything is now, and don't even get me started on the privacy settings. No clue where they are. I'm left hoping that the privacy settings weren't left wide open on my account. I'm also hoping I logged off properly since I couldn't find the log off button. Way confusing. I understand they're trying to "stay relevant" but they're definitely losing occasional users like me who don't want to learn a new system every time they log in.

  • Facebook's latest blunder?

    I have a hard enough time trying figure Facebook out. What with friends and family or check in and time line. Maybe it says something about my personal life. Maybe I can't figure out if my family are also my friends. Maybe I just don't want them to know what I did with my friends last night. Or where. I have friends that check in on their time line every move they make. Is it just me or is this just TMI!

  • I don't like the recent updates to Facebook.

    I had no idea they were changing it, and then boom! Where is everything? I don't like the timeline and about sitting up on the dashboard. I don't understand why they think this would be easier. It may be a little more "colorful" but I don't like it. I say, keep it the way it was.

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