Do you like the name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana for the new British princess?

  • Why Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is A Royally Lovely Name

    After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl this past week, Prince William and Kate Middleton have decided to name her Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. I think that this is a very honorable name, due to the fact that 'Elizabeth' is after the queen herself and 'Diana' is after William's late mother, Princess Diana.

  • Charlotte is my favorite name

    Charlotte is a very beautiful name. It is number one on my list. And Elizabeth is number 15ish. It's also a very beautiful name. Diana is a very nice name to. Diana is a very flowy princess sounding name. They are all very classy and elegant. And it's great that Charlottes middle names are that of her great grandmother and grandmother. Chatolotte is also a feminine version of Charles, her grandfathers name.

  • Royal Baby Name

    Yes I do like the name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.Those are some really strong names individually and they go so well together. It's definitely a perfect name for someone being raised in such a royal family. I just wonder how did they come up with the name, which factors played a part in naming her?

  • The name suits a future princess.

    Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is a suitable royal name, as it incorporates the names of the princess' Great-Grandmother, Elizabeth, her departed Grandmother, Diana. The first name Charlotte is both a feminine version of her father, Charles' name, and the middle name of her mother, Kate. Royal families tend to prefer traditional names that reference ancestry, so it seems that this name is in keeping with those values.

  • No, the new British princesses name should better honor her grandmother Diana

    The name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana should be flipped: Diana Elizabeth Charlotte. This order for the names better honors Prince William's deceased mother, Diana. Great-grandmother Elizabeth and grandfather Charles can be present in the child's life. Grandmother Diana cannot be there, so the first name Diana allows the child to feel a lasting connection to her grandmother in a more intimate, daily way.

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