• Yes it is a very great car

    Electric cars in my opinion are mostly aerodynamic boxes which cannot reach 100 mph. Owning a electric car takes the fun out of driving. Owning this makes driving even more fun. Though it is not cheap you get tax rebates for owning it. I think my statement is well proved.

  • I am flabbergasted

    The BMW i8 is a revolution towards the Automobile industry. Although pricey it is excellent on the exterior and interior. It is attractive and whoever looks at it possesses a kind of liking towards it instantaneously. I love this car and would prefer it over a Ferrari any day. It is astounding.

  • New BMW i8 has many attractive features!!

    The new BMW i8 has many attractive features for the buyer. If you want luxury and sport combined all into one this is the perfect car. It drives fast and has a sleek look that will definitely warrant attention. The doors slide up rather than out giving you quite a different vibe than you are used to. Simplicity and luxury give this car it's name.

  • Yes, it's a nice car

    I think it's a very nice car that I would consider driving if I had loads of disposable income. That being said, I don't have loads of disposable income, and I think this vehicle is well out of reach of the average person. If I were to save up for a luxury vehicle, I would probably chose something else over this model.

  • BMW i8 banking on green minded sports car enthusiasts.

    While the BMW i8 exudes luxury with sleek interior and exterior design, the technology under the hood seems lackluster for the price tag. BMW boasts about the i8’s ability to run solely on the all-electric motor; however, it only goes 22 miles at a top speed of 75 miles an hour. I’m not sure who is going to shell out $135,000 to take a trip around the block. With a price tag like that, it seems that most potential owners won't get too far past the driveway.

  • Not Crazy About BMW i8

    I am not crazy about the BMW i8 because I have never been keen on BMWs. I do not like the body styles of them, and the i8 does not change that for me. The one thing that BMW does that is good is that for people who want semi-luxury cars but do not have a high income, they have cheaper models that many people would otherwise not be able to afford.

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