• I'm saying yes not necessarily because I like the new website, but to balance out all the negativity.

    I'm officially neutral to the new website. I'm almost certain I'll grow to like it, since I don't see anything really detrimental to the new design, and I'm guessing there are some features I'm not aware of that may end up being interesting. As it stands though, I'm not at all surprised by the negativity...People are naturally resistant to change.

  • I'm saying I will give it a chance.

    I think that if the new layout works more efficiently, we should all just try it out. If you just don't like it I guess your voice will be heard. That's probably the whole point of this question. But as far as my own personal opinion goes, I like the new layout.

  • Only seen the front page so far.

    80% of the new front page isn't debates, and there is literally nothing about the actual debates above the fold. Plus I don't think I can log in directly from the front page anymore. There's way too much focus on opinions, which a significant portion of the active user base hates, and not enough being done to promote the actual debating aspects of the site.

  • No i don't.

    The layout is confusing, the focus is on opinions, the layout is made to anger people who stay longer then 3 days, they didn't work with the users, it's harder to get to your profile or messages, the bar stalks you, you get 500 errors 50% of the time, the new filter is killer, the font is worse, it's slower, less efficient, I can no longer view the demographics page, There is more wasted space, the red lights for winners of a debate, and in general the utter catering for people who come here, post something most likely stupid, and run off. It's an insult to our intelligence, and the DDO elite probably has to do with it.

  • Value long term users!

    It seems to me like the new design is targeting people who happen to find this site, sign up, and forget about it later. Most intelligent users that stay long term and contribute to the site aren't looking for flashy logos, or the modern look. They want the minimalist approach. If you're going to use this new design to draw in new members, at the very least, give each user some kind of option to switch to the new layout for their accounts.

  • No - top button to messaging/email is gone

    I don't like how the top button that takes you directly to email/messaging is missing. I found that button very useful, and now I have to jump through several screens to get back to it. I am a newb on this site, and just as I was getting used to the layout, everything has changed. Why do websites insist on pointless reformats?

  • I understand why

    They are doing this. They are trying to make the site attractive to gain traffic. Sites make money based on how many visitors they get, affiliates, etc. But I don't like it. I don't care about the opinions, and they. Are the bulk of what the site is now about. I know its easier for the majority of UNinformed People to make an opinion on something than Do a debate, but it defeats the purpose of the site. Plus I come here to social network with the minority, so this doesn't become like facebook. Juggle doesn't care about the old users as much, and I can see why they don't have to from a business standpoint.

    Posted by: TUF
  • Much More Confusing

    I can't log in from the home page and that is frustrating. The front page is full of stuff that is designed to look flashy with big colorful pictures. I like the old style better which was more formal. When I type my arguments for my debates, the font looks weird. I think that I am just too use to the old format, but it is much more effective and better.

  • This looks terrible

    Crowded, confusing, aesthetically offensive, social media whorish, insulting, very very bad site. Also, what's with the textured background? It make the text harder to read and seems entirely unnecessary. The old site worked because its simplistic layout put the focus on the actual debates themselves. I feel this site tries to spit information from every corner and column and obfuscates what made the previous one so smooth. Also, why does the opinion section exist?

  • For Heaven's Sake

    Seriously, Juggle? How much time and money did you sink into this? Because this is... Not very good.

    We wanted team debating. You brought us the opinion section.

    We wanted the ability to edit posts. You brought us the swear filter.

    We wanted... Well, pretty much anything but the current front page. And look what the current front page is!

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Bullish says2013-07-03T15:38:37.427
People almost always dislike new things, because they aren't used to the unfamiliarity.
TheAntidoter says2013-07-04T00:04:43.467
Yes, But a reason helps convey that.
TUF says2013-07-05T10:51:15.110
Bullish, many people like New things too. Most of the flack this is getting isnt like the absolute worst, and people will deal with it, but it is an annoyance, just like when we dealt with the missing side bar For the past year
Noctan says2013-07-16T04:15:07.780
Haha, the related topics.