Do you like the new Miley Cyrus (yes) or the old one (no)?

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  • She is happy

    Miley expresses her self in a different way then some people. That doesn't give us the right to judge her. She is a great person, she might make some choices that we, her fans do not agree with. But it isn't our life, its hers, and if it makes her happy then we should be happy for her. I have always loved Miley since I was little and I still love her. She is gorgeous inside and out. I refuse to judge her on some of her decisions. I may miss parts of the old Miley but I do like most parts of the new Miley. I hope she lives the rest of her life the way that makes her happy and people will stop judging her so harshly and just be happy for her!

  • She's just too true to herself to hate. What she is right now is a celebrity who thinks the way an entertainer should.

    This is show business, you always do crack the whip to be on top even if you are pushing the boundary. What she is doing as a genius artist is not so lame, her album on top, her videos are the most viewed of this year regardless of the reason why it's still being viewed, the purpose is to be TALKED ABOUT and SELL TRACKS.

  • Miley is Miley

    She's doing her. She inspires women that they don't have to be like everyone else. When people disagree with her image I just think it supports it even more. Rappers all the time talk about smoking weed and doing drugs but when Miley does it it's not cool. WRONG, she is showing the males in the world Miley is Miley. She's original, to the point where some are uncomfortable. But, she wants you to be uncomfortable. She wants people to talk about her, and they are! Miley is doing what she wants how she wants to, and that's a message Hannah Montana taught.

  • Miley is her Own Person

    People act as if Miley Cyrus has changed into another person. She is still her, and always will be. Why do people even care if she likes to "twerk"? A lot of people do and no one cares about it. It doesn't matter that she used to be on Disney. Her contract is over, she owes them nothing. She is now a regular celebrity. Really, she is just being the teenager she never got to be BECAUSE she was contracted to Disney. The hatred for Miley is incredibly pointless. There are way bigger issues in this world. I don't blame her for acting the way she does. She finally gets to express herself in ways she never could before. Let her be.

  • To be frank definitely no.

    A big NO to her changes now recently, it is because she is a prominent figure which influence people mostly to the young one's to be morally good, she is being treated as a real disney princess then in just blinked of an eye she turned into something people that get disappointed, doing some manifestations of an artist having a career suicide.

  • No not really

    I mean Miley is just herself you can't stop her from being her. I don't really like how she went from Disney to oh I'm a crazy girl now. Her personality was good at first because I used to always watch her on Disney channel, but now she changed so freaking much I just don't know what to do. Lol

  • The old miley was the real deal

    The old miley was more beautiful , music much better and hotter than the new one.. I bet her fans would triple up if she brought back the old miley.I wish she wud realise this or someone tell her. I don't think he is anyones role model nowadays , she used to be someone worth looking up to.

  • No, just no.

    Miley Cyrus looked beautiful before all these dramatic major changes to her. She was fabulous on Disney's Hannah Montana and bought home tons of money. Now, she just got CRA CRA CRAZY! I mean, she still might have a great voice, but look what has happened to her from the start to now. You can even look at her audition video for Hannah Montana and you can see how young she was. Now look at her...

  • Miley Cyrus could have been great

    Miley Cyrus has had a huge amount of success (in terms of money) over the last few years, but she has also ruined her image. While she is gaining much attention, it is almost always negative, and it is rare to find a person who truly likes her now. If she would have just stuck to making good music (without the crazy videos) she could be way farther ahead like Taylor Swift.

  • She's gone crazy hardly anyone likes her now.

    She been writing songs that nobody likes.Shes telling people if she hits 1 million followers on Instagram than she would change back.She should just do it she would get a lot more followers and be more famous.She used to be for kids now parents won't let them watch her and her movies are so amusing why would she stop making them.

  • Is a wreck.

    I get that Miley is growing and wants that "Bad Girl" image but seriously the kids who used to love her before . And she was their role model,what if this new Miley becomes their role model? She could have just at least dressed properly. The haircut and everything else I'm fine with but she just doesn't seem like herself anymore.

  • Don't like the new miley

    I feel like when I look at Miley it isn't even Miley. I feel so sad that she isn't how I like her and remember her. I remember her as a long haired pretty girl and I miss her. So Miley if your reading this I miss your old self

  • She is ugly

    Miley used to be a very nice singer/actress but now... I don't know how to describe her. She needs to get her life back on track. Like really fast. She has been plummeting into a pit that she won't be able to get out of... Hopefully she changes very very soon.

  • Miley is innapropriate and should not be allowed to have concerts.

    She was a nice girl who inspired people with her show on Disney Channel, but she is promoting negative ideas and actions that are affecting adolescent minds. Miley should not be twerking and wearing revealing leotards in front of so many people (especially kids). Miley Cyrus needs to learn that being popular comes with a huge responsibility, which doesn't include showing her butt to a large audience.

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Technicallyderped says2013-11-13T14:26:21.687
She was never good. XD