• Gotta keep the show evolving

    The Walking Dead has been on a long time now, and every show needs new characters. Even if some people don't like the new character, it keeps the show a lot more interesting. Aaron is definitely different, and given what he knows, he might be a spy. There are lots of ways they can go with the story line now.

  • He shows up Rick and Daryl

    Yes, I like the new Walking Dead character, because the character does a lot to make Rick and Daryl look bad. It's a breath of fresh air to have someone counter act the artificial macho bravery of Rick and Daryl. Paul is a free spirit, a new face, and a subtle comic commentary on Rick and Daryl's boastful antics. For those reasons, he's a great character.

  • The Walking Dead's New Character Aaron: Here's What We Know From The Comics

    Yes! In its gloomy second outing back from midseason hiatus, The Walking Dead is finally putting these characters on the road to what is arguably the comic book series’ best narrative arc, and it all begins with Aaron (Ross Marquand), the mysteriously genial guy who shows up at the end of “Them.”

    Aaron pops up while the two of the episode’s most emotionally wrecked characters – Sasha and Maggie – are having a bonding moment over a gifted, temporarily broken music box. (He approached Rick and Abraham in the comics.) Beyond the fact that he’s a neat, intelligent, clean-shaven man who doesn’t appear to be living a hard-knock life, Aaron immediately draws suspicion, offering “good news” and knowing a little bit too much about their group; namely, that Rick is the leader. How could he possibly know that?

  • No, I find him to be a passive aggressive liar.

    Uncle Terry, the latest antagonist on the Walking Dead is a diminutive cretin whose "Minnesota Nice" puts Jerry Lundegaard of Fargo to shame. He does not lie to one's face, but he skirts around the question or issue at hand, leaving out critical pieces of information, before bellowing a pile of non-sense. This is a character better suited to the farcical tundras of the timid than the blood soaked South.

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